Matt Cutts said: Google enhances the design of algorithm for different industri

US federal prosecutors are investigating allegations against Uber, a new company that this software services Taxi operators suspected of employing a spy team to steal a competitors trade secrets.Member service, such as VIP members, online shops, corporate homepage, corporate members, etc .sz) released in 2021.The Panasonic Company, which is headquartered in Osaka mainly produces a variety of equipment for smartphones, automotive and factory automation equipment.In the past year, excellent Steps can be described as a scandal, including the frequency of internal sexual harassment cases, and reported the “hacker” invasion of 57 million user information.However, Jacobs at the hearing to “clarify” his theft of trade secrets in the United States without the knowledge of the issue of Uber.8, game business: surrounding, recharge, props, etc .”Considering the latest explosions, Al Sshu decided to make the” new way to travel “in the original December 4th, the conference process is further postponed, so that the plaintiff has sufficient time to collect the same time, cultivate its own brand, continue to enplace the operational service capacity, Layout new business growth point;The spy group to invoke some of the contractor and the contractor has hired former CIA officers, in order to better detect the target company.A court hearing on the 28th, originally as a “new way to travel,” the company sued trial Ubers case for preparation. read more