Big Data Hard (quasi) unicorn selection activity has been fully launched on July 1st, through institutional recommendation and company self-recommended registration, this selection, lanted two months of first trial, vote, final review, total More than 100 projects registration, the total voter exceeds 480,000 votes.I have released the “2018 Big Data Hard (Quasi-Corporate) List, Star Ring Technology With the technical advantages and growth rates in the field of large data and artificial intelligence, the successful survey” 2018 big data hard unhealth beast TOP20 list.coping strategies and the direction of interestGEM index today after bottoming out, the short form of sharing an upward trend intact, suggesting that tomorrow is likely to continue approaching the 3350–3400 point line.In the early days of Sohu, Zhang Chaoyang invited a lot of young teachers from Tsinghua, there was Wang Xiaochuan and Xu Dynasty.0, a large ticket executive, the grassroots tube flooded into the Internet, and most of them became loser.todays diskIt is said that Li Kai Fu is also an “active molecule” in the mysterious organization of Google.The other Tsinghua alumni, the founder of the US Mission Network Wang Xing, two brothers in their investors: Northern Light Deng Feng and the flight households.The biggest benefit of entering the Lei Army circle is that you can have a chance to start a business, the age is an illustration.However, the circle is in China, more like “Besie”: The people inside the cattle, I feel that the people around them are people who have a light;Beijing should be the oldest city, the most active city, the most active city of Chinas Internet.source of: three with positive stock index rebounded Who is the next hot speculation?In the mind, the Storm Group is a high-tech enterprise that has a very development prospect, until the Storm Group has smashed a transcript of $ 1. read more