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Below our small series brings a detailed introduction to everyone, lets take a look!The legendary Shennong also personally tasted the taste of various wild grass wild fruits, sweet, and bitter, even touched.@ 小 张 德德德smoked Zhu Hou Cong, and smoked Zhu Yijun, “the country this of fight, you hide? hide to solve the problem? “after the death of Zhu Biao, Zhu Yuanzhang whenever possible to put aside the subject of love and affection that pairs Zhu Yunwen, he will not let Zhu Yunwen came to the throne.” Daddy, you say that is not right, this is obviously Zhu Yunwen waste snacks, how can you blame me? ancient throne the capable, what is wrong with me!by the YongleFight, fight it, simply Gengzhebozai yell up:!Decline began in the Ming Yu!” anyway, I then again, is robbed robbed!smoked Qizhen , and smoked Zhu thick, “let your fun!Since I found a resonance in Weibo, I didnt want to cross the class.Who is invented? Of course, it is a working people, but the legend is also a person, called “燧 人”.Zhu Yuanzhang can get a miracle with a miracle, of course, is also his ability, strategy, and air transport.Zhu Di cover the face, both baffling and some not convinced the emperor watched, “Dad, you hit me very dry?”I still dont understand: the readers of the 16th emperor in the Ming Dynasty, the following we have brought detailed introduction to everyone, then look down ~ Ming Dynasty has a total of 16 emperors, if they gather in Jiun, Zhu Yuanzhang Who is the first person?61% of the global search engine market share, but only less than 1% in China Bing market share.However, the primitive people began to see the fire and wont use it, but they were afraid of life.”Baby and grandchildren, not grandfather said you, you are really not right!” If your father in, sapphire dead, where as this!From then on, people can eat the burning things at any time, and the variety of food has also increased. read more