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Want Taobao store has always had a traffic, shop decoration is the foundation of the foundation, but it is also a very important job.The announcement shows that the overall recommendations of the above-mentioned CDR and Boardo board lists are dependent on market conditions, and the approval of shareholders and the necessary approval of relevant stock exchanges and regulatory agencies.The picture size is only 230 * 70.The picture generally exhibits the best products in the store, and do some cases in the appropriate position, let visitors It doesnt matter if it is necessary to understand the core selling point of the productToday, lets take a look at the skills of the store decoration design.The fundrated funds will be used in the development of technology, products and solutions, related industries, strategic investment, and supplementary corporate operating funds.The unity of style and form is not only reflected in the true style, but also reaches uniforms on hue.Note the style and uni? read more