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For the ancients very particular about the legislation regarding good match and moral character, and in the Three Kingdoms period, Wu there is a queen, very humble origin, but it is the only emperor is the Queens official seal Zhao in his lifetime, she is the East Wu Dadi Sun Quan Queen Pan queen. Sun Quan during his lifetime his wife have seven, not to make the same identity, there are ladylike Mrs. Xie, also the widow Mrs. Xu, as well as the official birth of Ms. Pan slaves (which later became the Pan Queens), and so on. Readers interested in our small series with a look! read more

Wood Density Chart

The Following chart will tell you how much weight you can expect from your wood selection.  A simple comparison of the lb/ft3 of cedar and any other species will tell you what you can expect in added weight.  In the following chart (chart 1) you will note that cedar weights 23 lbs/ft3.  Adding cherry wood will double the weight of any section made from cherry at 43-56lbs/ft3.

Hardwoods are much more challenging to work with so keep in mind that not only will they add weight but will require extra work in milling, trimming and much more sanding and sandpaper. read more

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