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area between forward defended localities

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area 208 .

(mathematics) A measure of the extent of a planar region, or of the surface of a solid; it is measured in square units

enmaths: measure of extent of a surface

The same force spread over a smallerareawill produce more pressure.

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The wholeareawas flooded when the main burst.

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They want to talk to you aboutareasof mutual interest.


Emphasizing that manifestations of son preference that result in prenatal sex selection and female infanticide are an underdocumented form of discrimination against the girl child and have significant repercussions on society as a whole, expressed in high rates of female infant mortality and distorted male-female sex ratios, and noting with concern the adverse social consequences of such practices, including trafficking in persons, and that some of those harmful practices, especially in rural read more

this series of job changes

First of all, this article is in front of the data master, it is a bit of a bit, which is the class door of the pediatrics, so please do not delay your time.Recently there have been some really unpleasant things in the IDC industry, such as the recent “event in cable, for this thing we have made a corresponding statement in a timely manner in order to save its causeThe integrity crisis made by the industry, we have strongly condemn those IDC merchants who deceive consumers who do not honestly have harm to our industry.Many people dont know what kind of data need to be collected;, Yanhuang Network As the leader of the Anhui IDC industry, the technology constantly pursues innovation, providing quality services to customers to meet the needs of customers.Finally, it is possible to pass the brainstorm and the so-called tutorial to the gourd painting, plus the data that is counted, and the quarter, such data is naturally only furnished.After a weekend, I watched the Baidu Education Promotion Account Background.But pay attention to very little, we open this column, just to show you more groups of this special industry and personality, because they are the real scene of the Chinese Internet!Our company will do our utmost to pay all other peers to save the Idc industry trust crisis. read more