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The guide suggests taking an inventory of all your devices, starting from your router to all the wired and wireless devices that will connect to it.) How-To Geek also explains some networking basics, helps you choose security, and consider naming schemes, file sharing, and keeping a record of all your devicest let its interface get in your way, and can blend into any Windows theme.1, is its built-in, quick-access privacy mode, if you want to browse on someone else’SYNCiTunes [via Addictive Tips]You’ll need Alfred installed alongside the $25 Powerpack for this to work, but the emoji pack is free.Firefox 3. read more

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For the ancients very particular about the legislation regarding good match and moral character, and in the Three Kingdoms period, Wu there is a queen, very humble origin, but it is the only emperor is the Queens official seal Zhao in his lifetime, she is the East Wu Dadi Sun Quan Queen Pan queen. Sun Quan during his lifetime his wife have seven, not to make the same identity, there are ladylike Mrs. Xie, also the widow Mrs. Xu, as well as the official birth of Ms. Pan slaves (which later became the Pan Queens), and so on. Readers interested in our small series with a look! read more