So Li Zhi firmly Determined

It is not necessary.Therefore, many friends, many friends, add me, I will ask my public account, I said that there is very little update, it is extremely disappointed, maybe every public account is only self-media, but everyone The core platform is different, or my content and view is the platform, because everywhere is everywhere, the only thing can add my personal WeChat.There is also a point of view that combines both.Plus the mode upgrade, perhaps the industry boss in this field of maternal and child.Zhong Yong.Things, any commercial composition is based on certain conditions, so we are self-media people, and the things that are concerned far, because commercialization means having more things you dont understand and familiar with familiarity.Mo Xiang Zhas self-media mode is the above ideas.Readers can analyze some cases and media.I registered the public platform, it was a long time ago, but I havent updated anything, because my model is the release of the article in all media, maybe it is your public platform, but I havent opened it because I am I think my core lies in contributing to the view and interpretation of the view, and then when I have time, you can read the full text.Chinese, Mr.See his data, weight 4, estimated about 5,000 IPs per day, keyword rankings is 6000, more, include 220,000.The transitional period adjustment solution is in order to achieve the pressure drop objective, and the real estate loan centralized management system is continuously improved, and the health development of the real estate market is continuously improved.Take this point for a good one or two months, whether it is weight or day IP, at least double.6, and the review of the Listing Committee, on May 14, 2020, Shenzhen Decision Asian technology stocks terminated.One column is a web page. read more