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2 months, PR did 3, and did 4 later.Have you bought two hand idle items? What is your impression of second-hand goods? If it is me, the first thing I think is cheap.Do you learn, I should write it, hahaha, no.I often write articles or tell friends, do so dont just stare at SEs book, and I have to look at the flow of traffic.Another book he translated “SEO Art” is really worth seeing.In order to verify that he has learned, in May 2012, I used WP to make a Yang Honglin blog.First give everyone a small knowledge, idle fish is the largest second-hand trading platform in China.When Confucianism thought, the “variation” occurred, and the biggest point is the proposal of Xunzi s “sexual evil”.When I do practical training, I have to pay homework.There is still a small trick to combine humanity, users buy things here, many times because they are low, but because they want to hurt.What is the empty cup mentality? Many people think that they have seen a few SEO books, or listen to a big SEO share, or have done it in a new Internet big company (other), think that he is very powerful, what do you learn?EO novice, or SEO old bird to think.I have done two SEO practical training, from seeing They are selfIntroduction will know.About this book, I should have a thick tens of pages, because I cant read it, so I will write down.Xunzis Han Ai Zi and Li Si have further formed a psychic collection of Magare.Many people say that Seo has no value, that is because you only have to promote, the effect does not detect, not summarized, of course, can only have been in front of it ~In the future, the QQ space carrying memories and dreams will get better and better.I wrote a three thousand words, I havent had dinner yet. read more