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Today, if it is not Rising in the stock system, the public transfer manual is not concerned, I am afraid that there are not many people who can remember that will only imitate A small lion of various human movements.Once, a sad joke was circulated on the Internet.Meso, the private equity network, said that the stack of white wine has continued to adjust for more than 1 month, and the callback is relatively, so the signs of the recent capital reflux white wine sector are very obvious, and the white wine sector has recently strengthened.From January to July 2015, the total income of Rising website reached 49.In 2002, the main battlefield of Jinshan drug tyrants, the main battle sent by Liu Xu, who said that Wang Wei represented the main landing part of Wang Yi, and Liu Xu sent a strike, but the result was a four-month loss, the company listed Planned forced to cancel.Micropress Active Defense Software was killed for two and a half years because of this false case, until three years after the sales license.During the transformation of the personal information security market, the business failed to keep up with the market, leading to a small market share, and has not yet recovered losses.Rising It turned out to be ready to list, now let the free anti-virus are yellow;Among them, the real name verification regulations for the CN suffix are expanded to all domain registrars in terms of all domain name regists, including other country domain names, and must be activated after authentication.But in just a few years, glory is no longer. read more