Kaifeng Facts

As the capital city of Henan Province currently,city is the capital of eight ancient Chinese Dynasties and one of the main cradles of Chinese nation with a history of more than 2700 years. In history, Kaifeng city was explored the earliest in China because of its mild climate, convenient transportation and splendid culture. Especially in North Song Dynasty, Kaifeng was the political, economic, military, technical and cultural center of China and one of the most prosperous cities at that time. Kaifeng city is arranged uniquely with three city walls and three city moats. Kaifeng city is an important tourist city in the Central Plain of China along the Yellow River. Long history, profound culture, the fame as the capital of eight Chinese Dynasties, the scattering scenic spots, unique folk culture, gorgeous and colorful chrysanthemum make the ancient capital special and charming. As early as Xia Dynasty, Kaifeng became a capital. And now it has become a key tourist city in Central China. read more