Lifting Equipment


Two Point, Rear Dorsal & Front Chest Attachment

Harnesses with Optional Extra Functionality

Safety Lines / Guided Fall Arresters

Petzl Fall Protection & Rope Access

Edelrid Fall Protection & Rope Access

Fire Retardant Height Safety Equipment

Confined Space Equipment / Tripod & Winch Etc.

Tool Lanyards – Stop Tools Falling from Height

AirDeck Soft Landing Fall Arrest Bags

Electric Hoists Single Phase 110V / 240V

Wire Rope Hoists (Electric & Battery)

Chainslings 1 Single Leg, 1.5 to 31.5 tonne read more

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Transformational Character Arcs Part 4 – Personality Types

Transformational Character Arcs: Part 4 – Personality Types

At first glance, you MIGHT think The Flamboyant is closely related to The Extrovert… Nope. The Flamboyant personality type does share the superficial friendliness character trait but thats about as far as it goes. Often very dramatic as though their life depends on every utterance, The Flamboyant is naive yet devious at the same time. Their flamboyance is often used to cloak their poor self-esteem and depression.

The Flamboyant individual is easily angered and emotionally temperamental – often teetering on irrational explosion. They dont see themselves in a healthy light and often consider themselves to be abominations, evil, and just plain foul in every way. The Flamboyant is more apt to see others as sexual playthings and when theyre done playing – theyre DONE. Very manipulative and always that touch of drama to every story or event. read more


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