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6, Smartisan old founder Luo Overheating sturdy character may have come from former soldiers father, it is understood his father in February 1951 to participate in Luochang Zhen Chinese Peoples Volunteers, joined the Communist Party of China in January 1954, July Yanbian jobs to work, former County deputy secretary, secretary, deputy governor, deputy secretary of state, state CPPCC vice chairman.He has taught in Chengdu, Huangpu Military Academy, and the Department of History of the National Political University.March 2006 – September 2008 served as Cool CEO and CTO.(@ Hairline is high)In 2002, the economic data complies with the expected focus on the report performance expectationOverall market, we believe that the current position of the A-share market in the exponential level may be more limited, and the loose fluidity will provide a strong support for the market.Every time I come to the company, I have a black Mercedes-Benz, very static.2, Tencents founding humanized Madensman Huathens father Mao Chen took the deputy general manager of Shenzhen Yantian Port Group Co.4, Sohu founder Zhang Chaoyang Zhang Chaoyang has lived in the family of Xian East Suburban, from a small life, parents are doctors, home on the side of the factory, the living environment is very casual.」 This is the end of the circle of Cai Wen Sheng.He has served as the Cool Development Manager.To this end, the authorities introduced new regulations follow the voice of the masses, strictly implement the real-name verification and drastically reduced the limit from a long period of time to provide online gaming services to minors, to, to strengthen supervision and actively guide .He has served as a job in Cool, R & D, and other the champion is this kind of good at home.Wu Shichun, plum blossom angel, innovative, Cool, Joint founder. read more