by the langenuen strait. Most parts of Stord Island


The North Sea is one of the numerous seas in the Atlantic Ocean. It is part of the North-East Atlantic Region and opens into the Atlantic Ocean via the English Channel. The sea is one of the worlds most utilized seas, with extensive fishing, shipping, power production, recreation, and defense. It also hosts two of the worlds largest ports (Hamburg and Rotterdam).

The North Sea is the Atlantics 13th largest sea, covering approximately 570,000 square kilometers or about 0.5% of the ocean. It is about 970 km long and 580 km wide and lies within Europes north-west continental shelf. The North Sea region borders some of the strongest economies in Europe. To the west of the sea is Great Britain (Scotland and England). The Northern and Central European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway bound the sea to the east and west. read more