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Behind car production, chip manufacturing, etc.Whether in domestic or global markets, smart homes have handed over the bright “transcript” in the past year.” Chinas daily hardware technology development center lock information center Director Zhao Hongwu also said that intelligence The door lock is developing rapidly, 2In 20018, it achieved a production capacity close to 15 million sets.”We will continue to reduce unemployment and work injury insurance rate, expand the development of stable policies for stable policies such as unemployment insurance.It is expected that by 2023, the global market size of smart home will reach $ 155 billion.” Specifically, the steady growth of new jobs .Original title: Smart home, can be shot in the long debate of “wind” or “噱 噱”, smart home products have quietly fly into the “ordinary peoples home”.At that time, the court command called Zhang He.Wu Diwan did not expect that he has been afraid of the host country suspected still happened.I dont have to hook the husbands sputum, I am afraid that she is presented to the country to survive the country.”Future origin” company analyst Philippi Olivira said that smart home equipment has helped users have completed their daily tasks, improve security and save energy costs, which has become the fastest growing area in consumer electronics products.Grandmother is a guardian Shi Liang (Han Dynasty prince wife and wife divided into three levels,, good, scorpion).Alibabas smart speaker Tmall wizard can achieve many functions including smart home control, voice shopping, mobile phone recharge, called takeaway, play music, etc.Automobile production, chip manufacturing, and other popular professional employment led economic recovery to pick up the job market, there have been waves.Zhang An Shi cant see Liu Xing, and there is really someone in the countrys aging is more serious, is it affordable? It is reported that in order to ensure steady increase in pension insurance, the reform of the pension insurance system is also advanced.Liu surnamed a room, who came to this emperor? Huo Guang found Han Wudis Zeng Liu Xun.This is also a 17-year rise of the basic pension of retirees in my country. read more