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Rui home appliance repair service company personnel Chen :: 1200 rpm can not shake it? (After installing the stand) test machine when I tune of 400 rpm.Reporter: I thought you were really toned? Hongrui household appliances after-sales service company maintenance person Xiao Chen: Toned a yarn, cant get high-speed (dehydrated) in half a day, I just get better soon, hurry up.We all know that the core three elements of e-commerce are – people + goods + fields, “the field is one of the important forms, namely one wave of marketing activities.Therefore, we must seek cooperation with the corresponding logistics companies in advance, reach a double 11 to create a plan;In the home appliance industry, everyone has attached great importance to the quality of the product, but for the after-sales service, there is still lack of the same quality management awareness.You can use the malicious code to send it to the rear end of the website.plans to plan in 2021 1 6 – July 5th, 2021, the total bidding or bulk transaction method is not more than about 82396 million shares, accounting for 0.Nine, team adjustmentWhen I received the highest received more than 2000 dollars.Customer: An individual right to charge this? Rui home appliance repair service company personnel Chen: Yes Rui home appliance repair service company personnel Chen: This is 288 yuan, the more than 180 yuan.You let me give you a level, youre not kidding me? Horizontal tape measure just like a loaded, the size of the mysteries of noise, originally in the speed of the washing machine, the rotational speed of the first Chen default 800 revolutions per minute, adjusted to 1200 rpm from the operation of the washing machine is increased sound natural, and replacing the tripod, he will speed from 1200 rpm per minute adjusted to 400 rpm, the sound immediately becomes much smaller.As a presence that can stimulate consumer consumption, the existence of its own platform, the platform will definitely be vigorously developed, and since 2009, the sales volume of the double eleven is increasing. read more