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Changing the supply method, S2B2B mode into cracking of the development of the food industryAccording to the latest announced data, in June this year, the sales volume of the car reached 5,138, an increase of 536% year-on-year, and the top four of the new forces were ranked.d want to do with it in iCal.In addition, the platforms design system is connected to the order system, and the factory will quickly notify employees after one button.”Zhou Hongyi wants to make a car”, such a message caught enthusiastic response while in the industry, he also ushered in questioning.At that time, Zhou Hongyi appeared in the booth of cars, and listened to the event report, which caused a lot The speculation of industry people – Zhou Hongyi wants to make a car?The modern food company is to do is intended to centralize Internet information technology and data innovation in actual production scenarios. read more