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When’s the last time you cleaned your can opener? No really, go check.\nPomegranate and Orange You’ve seen that wacky shaped bottle of juice in the grocer and instinctively wanted to buy it, right? And you figured you’d use it for something and then ended up just drinking it, pantsless, out of bottle in front of the fridge? Just me? Okay.ll run into that problem.The best part was how easy it was;Pomegranate reduces wonderfully, just like red wine (you can even try them together) and has a sweet but not candy-sweet flavor.I’ll waitNo matter what you do, turkey will be incrementally less awesome each day after Thanksgiving.Mashed potatoes will be drier.Umami Gravy 3 cups of turkey or vegetable stock 1 cup of red wine 1 (approximately 1×1 1/2-inch) cube of fermented bean curd 1-2 tablespoon roux Reduce your stock and wine in a saucepan at a simmer, uncovered, until reduced by a third.For example, a 100 yuan product can only take 30 yuan to the agent, the companys dial ratio is 51%, then the PV of this product is 58%.Each year I go heavier on the citrus—orange juice and lime and lemon and grapefruit notes to make my cranberries brighter.If the gravy hasn’t thickened enough, add the other tablespoon of roux and repeat.I bet your can opener, and many other often-used kitchen tools are just filthy. read more