In June 2008, the Fingern network was all owned by Guangzhou “Tianxia Rice” website;In 2015, if you choose to sell goods in other platforms, another platform will not do it.com has no traffic data.FHD staff full of FHD brand introduction and detailed service, and give professional knowledge sharing, laying on the cornerstone for the unveiled and exposure of the next development and the second exhibition, while the industrys brand affects Force and the visibility has been further improved.com, before 2011, the name is called for a while;” Liu Qiangdong angered electricity in the micrometer Business “two choices” According to media reports, the recent clothing brand closed Jingdong store, not only there is a group of mens brand SELECTED, which is the same as the group, the group, etc.News from WeChat Niu Zhichao: Dining Book Website, Fantong.HFE is the only exhibition in the country to build a solution, renovation, and is also the most systematic and most professional hotel industry event in the domestic hotel industry.However, it will be in other ways, such as low-conditioning the location of the product, or there is no display in the venue.Transformation.Based on the data foundation of the 4000+ hotel brand project, FHD has explored a set of standardized business processes, to create a high-tech technology knowledge, and output a complete brand planning, limited budget, interior design for the industry.According to the interface report, in fact, the industrial hidden rules “2nd choices” are not fresh.FHD is based on the domestic largest volume chain 0-1 full link practice, complete and efficient link output, forming a smart data Iterative accumulation.July 2008, the Fantun Network was nearly 30 million yuan ($ 4 million) risk investment represented by Japans investment in Japan.December 2009, Fantong. read more