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In September, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee issued a shared bicycle new government supporting document, including “shared bicycle system technology technology and service specifications”, “bicycle parking area setting Technical Guide “and other two policy documents.As for the opposition to Jiujiang policy, it is the last straw against the camel., which have been put on the three-year period of the shared bicycle, facing the vehicle update.During the way, killing.British, because of the early jurus, suffering from punishment, but also known as 黥 布, Han Xin, Peng Yue and the “three famous articles in Han,”.1, Britishs own ambition is not small.At the time of the west to enter the gate, because Liu Bang is guarding the army in the Valley, it is an English from the small road.Summary: According to the store itself, most of the stores are more than one baby, the direct train can be planned, multi-purpose promotion, the keywords of each plan are precise words, pass The precision drainage of keywords on the train, improved the precision traffic in the stores overall visitors.The entire store is in the decline.It is essentially more like a traffic interchangeable transaction.And OFO is a strategy that likes to use small steps, why not (why dont you try it first).In addition to Ali, OFO also has a drop of this investor.Zhang Liangcai has a grasp of the anti-inbound, plus, and then the incident and Chu make the incident, and the English rebel will not be difficult to understand.Everyone can look at this Ofo Global Partners picture, which supports whether the company supports OFO has you familiar with it.Also, after the British cloth seated the Jiujiang King, when Xiang Yu bould borrow the soldiers, Yinglu would choose to refuse. read more