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62 Total (100 million yuan) 116996478.Specifically, in the first half of 2021, the “Cosmic” Industrial and Commercial Bank revenue the first throne of the tube fee income with a hosted fee of RMB 2441 billion.295 billion yuan, a large increase of 68.Similarly, the sales service fee for stock funds in the first half of the year is 314 million yuan, accounting for 3%, and this data is only 118 million yuan in the same period last year.Flow growth formulaIt is noteworthy that, excluding client fund companies paid to the sales organization and maintenance costs, public fund management fee fund companies the first half of 2021 actually achieved net income of approximately 48.Mixed funds and equity funds profit reached 298.Real-time.Web / content quality.85 billion yuan, although down 26% compared to 718.benefited from the surge in the management scale of the fund companys rights fund management, Many fund companies have earned a lot of money in the first half of the year.And in the same period last year, this data is 11.182 billion yuan is charged in the first half of the year, accounting for more than 17%.Similar to the Heavy Yue Fund, the increase in the income of the Suzaku Fund management fee is also benefited from the rapid growth of its equity fund.At the end of the 315 party, the media reported that the personal information disclosure of job seekers reported that Zhilian recruitment, hiring, and worry-free three companies were mentioned in the name.SEO is optimized for search engines, so it is necessary to pay attention to the search engine algorithm adjustment, new strategy, and new technologies.In contrast, the growth rate of hosted fees in the first half of this year was significantly accelerated. read more