-Feng Shens Romance- What is the relationship betwe Huang Feihu d WaWa-hich it biki-

“Feng Shen Romance” Huang Feihu is too powerful? Do you know that it doesnt matter, our Xiaobian tells you.

Huang Feihu is also a very important role in the “Romance” of the Gods. It is actually a mortal in his life. Although the family will be loyal to Shang Dynasty, he encounters a fainted king. It turned out to die and killed his lady. Huang Feihu never would like to be loyal to such a business king, so standing in the opposite of Shang Dynasty, helping Zhou Dynasty overturned the Commerce. Huang Feihu also also in the god list, then what God is finally sealed? Why after the Huang Feihu is sealed, it is necessary to take the land house. What is the relationship between him and the king? read more

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