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The reputation is your most important asset.Login page and all backend must be verified by the page, the page must be browsed with SSL, TSL or other secure transmission technology, the original landing page is required to apply SSL , TSL browsing, otherwise the network attack will change the Action feature of the login table, resulting in an account login credential leak, if the SSL, TSL browsing verification web page is not applied after login, network attacks will steal the unprocated application ID, which is serious Hazarding customers today theme activities application, so we should also try to launch secondary data encryption on login passwords, followed by transferring.2 records the actual operation of all password errors;It is also very simple to overcome the fear of disappointment, then dont be expected.the above is to prevent the website from being attacked If you cant fix the vulnerability, you can consult a professional website security company to deal with the solution, it is recommended to go to Sine Safe, Eagle Shield Safety, Web Stone Technology, Enlighten Stars, etc.Heaven is not as good as you really have when you are employee, You are like a dog, a slave.Experience.Data Source WI. read more