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One is, two Prince Edward and Prince graces because they do not complain, reign know very angry, and they discuss the prime minister to scrap them, ling strongly discouraged, angry reign.” I want to regret it.” Tang Xuanzong also felt sorry, and there was no way.Very dramatic.As required, under normal conditions epidemic prevention and control, the implementation of cross Gezuo seat theater ticket, movie attendance per game does not exceed 30%.Make such dignity in Lushan impressed, Linfu what kind of a people do, interested readers can follow our small series look down together.Tang Xuanzong felt that this suggestion was very good, adopted, and Li Linyi was responsible for.Li Linyi used the emperors sensitive psychology, expanded the case, and disposed a large number of Princes heart, let the Prince have lost a wife, but the prince is still there, but only has a scared copy.Until now, some people still think that the countrys death is due to Zhang Lihuas beauty, but now, the beauty is not his fault, but the emperor is too fainted. read more