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Aiming at some operators to pass the business risk, it is clear that the operators have passed the business risks to the driver through pre-receiving contractments, shareholding models, etc.appropriately relax the driver license conditions., and stipulates appropriate legal responsibilities.Work life is the same, focus, focus, can succeed in the segment of others cant do it.Recently, the second meeting of the Standing Committee of the 7th National Peoples Congress of Shenzhen passed the “Shenzhen Special Zone Taxi Management Regulations”.A person is doing something hard, the worse the entrepreneurial project, the better, and subdivided into a certain field, accurate to a group user, seize the customers single pain, and do the most professional in the field of division.The Regulations further improve the relevant system of the driver s rights and interests.Restrict the management of the right to trade, clarify the vehicle management rights prohibit transfer, rent or entrust operation, and set the regulations for vehicles to log out and recovery.Combined with the current quantity of Shenzhen cruise cars, the number of aging trends, refer to Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, will apply to the age of taxi drivers license to 65 years old.unified drivers license.According to the Regulations, the taxi driver does not change the travel route for negotiation determined without justified reasons.A cruise cars and webmark driver licensing conditions are no longer set separately.Clarifying the vehicle management rights shall be awarded the cruise vehicle operators in other ways to approve the municipal government.At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the National Peoples Bundess Record, the relevant requirements of the taxi drivers household registration and residence permit are carry out the service service;If the taxi drivers card is obtained, it should be issued to the municipal transportation authority before the rental bus passenger service shall be provided to the municipal transportation authority to engage in the business service;The Regulations canceled the original parade rental car color logo and operational region restrictions;The industry is first, just like Gong Wenxiang, only pays attention to the micro business, so it is very successful. read more