I forgot to look at the Mas face

” At that time really eat insects, I forgot to look at the Mas face, ha ha.” Later, this project is not very good.The factors involved in Double Eleven activities, any side of the negligence may have a phenomenon of crash, so in order to lay a hard battle, we need one Excellent “military planning team, do a good job in two 11 activities preparation, preheating, launch, post-maintenance, etc.Nine, team adjustmentWhen it was called “Singles Day.I joined Alis fast 9 years, I just had a bit very touch today, I reviewed the past, telling you that I am in close contact with Ma Yun in the impression.Take the double 11 as an example, you need to start the project plan plan 4-5 months, then use 2 weeks Copy the reset.”Ah, this one can tell,” Ma said: “? you have to study green ah” I said: “No, you see, my leaves there are two worms.We have to reflect on the shortcomings of the year, and those who have already sent it slow, received goods N years. read more