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Li Chengmu is Li Shimins eldest son.Jumi intelligence was established in 2011, providing custom development of intelligent retail terminals, as well as online-board operations.Unwilling Li Chengmuan intends to conspirate with Li Yuanchang, Duhuti and others to conspire to force the palace.follow-up, in order to check the real, Jiege looking for a second under his own search and found that Baidu is currently home to promote the natural search results + side bar a total of six advertising, but their own search, hot plates do not find search ads with business word presumably hot search advertising insert, Baidu should be inserted at random, there is no permanent trending, generally do not pay attention really hard to find!He wants to follow the Xuanwumen of his father that year.Therefore, giant rice smart is more concerned about the landing effects and operations of the container.He is already as a prince early, so many friends dont understand why Li Chengqi still has such a big risk to launch a coup.Related reading: Baidu search again revised: new auction site Baidu bidding ad advertising increased to five, accounting for 33% of the number of search resultsIn addition, Tmall also grateful to the merchants who keep business during the Spring Festival, as well as the express delivery of the warmth, “Thank you for your silently, let everyone have a peace of mind.It is reported that Tmall New Year Festival will be launched on January 20, covering the new years new year, the original food, the old name, the intangible cultural heritage handicraft, the new year theme new product.In order to protect the sales of agricultural products in the new year market in all parts, Taobao will build a small food and food channel special support, which is convenient for supporting home new year online, and eats the taste of the hometown.Since then, Li Chengqi and Li Taizheng have opened the battle, see Li Tais more and more popular, Li Chengqin is assassinated by Li Tais intent, but the result is a failure.After this incident, after Li Shimin, he was very angry, directly ordered to die, which caused him and Li Chengqi. read more