From the industry point of view, in conjunction with the second quarter economic developments and policies anticipation, medicine, electricity and new cycle, with high consumption overall rating given to other sectors given standard rating.The size of the convertible bond market currently has more than 6,000 billion yuan, the depth and breadth has improved significantly, the convertible bond market still has structural opportunities.In 2017, WT2 PLUS was released, and the immersive foreign language experience can be experienced.In the external placement mode, one party wears the headphones, the other party uses mobile phone for bidirectional dialogue translation, apply short-frequency fast communication,For China, the current RMB exchange rate is strong.A variety of high-tech and front-end products show, Xiaobian see a business Time Timekettle Timekettle, which is an AI voice translation field, their products solve the problem of cross-language communication, lets take a look.In the same pass mode, each part of each side wear a headset, you can start using it, you can start using it, and the same transmission effect is achieved.With yourself inserted into your phone, you can wake up exclusive APP and start translation, quickly turn on conversation, 4cm * 1.Hello everyone, I am a good brother, I believe everyone brushed the video on the shake: I said your sick, and then equipped with a beautiful wallpaper, let you have seen it, I cant help but praise the collection.This translation headset is different from other translators “Finishing, waiting for single one, then listening to the translation broadcast”, WT2 can be speech at one party. read more