overwhelmed policies are conducive to homappliances industry

As the online shopping more convenient, more and more developed logistics courier, not how long youve been shopping down the line? Precisely because of this, many people choose to open shop in Taobao business, you can store traffic and popularity is always able to come up, today we have to understand together what Taobao explosion models is how to build!For the average person, the number of friends is very cant afford it, but in this Internet, people who have dinner on this Internet, thousands of QQ friends must be running.First, by label basis weight of precedent crowd weight and volume basis weight accumulation, ready for the next transformation, while taking advantage of buyers show and ask you to let us have a baby transforming the environment to quickly improve the conversion rate and increase sales.QQ friends have the upper limit has been raised to 3000, 2017QQ traffic is good!In the early shelves of products, it is necessary to product attributes, product images, copy, etc.Want to have precise positioning, we must first define what exactly to sell yourself? Only precise targeting precision products to customers!buyers for baby trust is derived from the sales of the baby.The first is to locateBut compared to the 5,000-person friends of WeChat, QQ is really too “q”!So that later they want to profit by raising prices and could lead to the loss of existing customers!The second is the productwhether the product is to take small profits or shop in the high-end price, we must have a clear price positioning.The third is pricingWhile sales of baby and transformation is closely related.QQ is the largest instant messaging tool other than WeChat.because a lot of shops in the initial operation is not planned store categories, and products are also no competitive advantage, have rather missed not let go of mind, all of a sudden to shop placing a number of different categories of products, resulting in confusion store Departments, drainage is not accurate.Previously, the number of friends in the QQ member is only 2,000, and this time it has improved it!However, only the amount of the annual super member svip8 has only ownership!Good news! read more