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Beidou High Accuracy Application Promotion has achieved greater development, economic and social benefits.From the point of view of the demand, Pan Jun, secretary-general of the Space Technology Group, the Secretary-General of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, estimated that the launch demand for commercial small satellites in my country in the next 5-10 years, and the demand for commercial satellite manufacturing and launch has burst growth.Daily Topics Policy Discussion, Oriental Wealth Network Summary Eight Baxparers Views, Demystifying Industry Status, observing the market trend, and pulse for you in advance A shares.Xiao Yu is no exception.Summary: Xiao Yu, in order to consolidate his rule, use a comparison method, which is to give his army soldier with farmers, let them travel to the farmers, then promulgate, and active People give rich resources and rewards, under this temptation, many soldiers have been separated from military, and they have made the farmers, so he has also weakened a lot.This is an accepted mountain, it is a natural and easy to attack, so Xiao Yu has passed here.National defense construction just to be the main line: (3) aviation sub-sector recommended in the SAC, Hangfa power, concern the aircraft heavy machine, Philharmonic of, should flow shares, Air Asia Technology;[Click to view the research report original]3, military new materials, accompanied by carbon fiber and titanium alloy in new aircraft, considering Chinas new number and old model modification, and domestic replacement, etc.Second, “Internal Circulation” promotes the replacement of GPS, “Star Net” company to promote the fast start of the domestic satellite Internet.Focus on aviation, aerospace, informationization, and new materials.Dongxing Securities: Satellite Industry is expected to further commercial recommendations pay attention to related companiesXiao Yu, still chose to surrender. read more