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area between forward defended localities

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area 208 .

(mathematics) A measure of the extent of a planar region, or of the surface of a solid; it is measured in square units

enmaths: measure of extent of a surface

The same force spread over a smallerareawill produce more pressure.

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The wholeareawas flooded when the main burst.

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They want to talk to you aboutareasof mutual interest.


Emphasizing that manifestations of son preference that result in prenatal sex selection and female infanticide are an underdocumented form of discrimination against the girl child and have significant repercussions on society as a whole, expressed in high rates of female infant mortality and distorted male-female sex ratios, and noting with concern the adverse social consequences of such practices, including trafficking in persons, and that some of those harmful practices, especially in rural

, are linked to poverty and underdevelopment

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Thanks to its institutional autonomy and operational flexibility, UNITAR has an important role to play in this

Tensions were also reported between forces loyal to President Yusuf and those belonging to the Middle Shabelle administration, which led to a clash in the Jawhar

on 27 November 2005, resulting in two casualties.

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The international community should also continuously scale up investment in the least developed countries in the

of infrastructure, productivity and services, and endeavour to help them to restructure their economies, which were too dependent on production of commodities.

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A total of 8 advisory missions and 11 workshops were undertaken to build and strengthen national capacity in the

of trade for development and regional integration, with particular emphasis on capacity-building assistance to member States and regional economic communities in the ongoing negotiations of economic partnership agreements between Africa and the European Union.

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Reconstruction of schools that are not in a satisfactory state in the

People are typically evaluated on their capability in these four

: Vision, Analysis, People, and Execution.

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that have a direct impact on competitiveness, resulting in the reduction of the costs faced by enterprises and providing impetus for economic dynamism

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Denser clacked his tongue, took the amulet from its chain and walked into the middle of the cleared


The Department of Field Support stated that it would consider the inclusion of an indicator that tracks staff deployment and geographic distribution within field missions

of responsibility, within the human resources management scorecard framework or in the monthly field staffing statistics published by the Department.

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Data about the meteorological conditions in the

of the crash, including with respect to their possible influence on changes to the altitude and route of the downed Boeing.

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There has also been an imaginative development of norms in this

and the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement are becoming a universal benchmark.

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of life faithfulness to God Solomon failed.


Although there was no reason to incite migration from indigenous territories, there was a problem of asymmetry between the development levels in different

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She would also be grateful for information about the incidence of vertical HIV/AIDS transmission and the availability of HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, particularly in remote

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In the Declarations operative section, African member States reaffirm the Habitat Agendas commitments endorsed in Istanbul in the

of adequate shelter for all, sustainable human settlements, enablement and participation, gender equality, financing shelter and human settlements, international cooperation and assessing progress

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often extend along transport corridors, often crossing several local government boundaries.

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Land-use planning considerations should be taken into account both in the routing of new pipelines (e.g. to limit proximity to populated

to the extent possible) and in decisions concerning proposals for new developments/construction in the vicinity of existing pipelines.


Inventories are lacking in several countries of waste of high potential hazard, which were (or continue to be) dumped on landfill sites, especially in rural

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Indigenous women and children living in conflict


Cooperatives need to broaden and deepen their outreach by promoting self-organization of the poor, underprivileged and marginalized populations in rural and urban

consistent with the community-driven approach to development.



of focus were represented in the International Programme for the Development of Communication, a mechanism that had been reaffirmed in General Assembly resolution 70/93.

, 70/93 .


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