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White home appliances will be judged by “intelligent business”.On July 1, Sharps business group will be reorganized to “ICT (Information Communication Technology)”, “8K Ecosystem” and “Intelligent Business”.A new group focused on information communications, and striving to implement transformation from the business model of manufacturing as the core.26 million) will increase to 100 million yen.The laptop business is currently carried out by the subsidiary “Dynabook” (Tokyo), all in mainland China, in the future, considering the production base of Humble of Taiwanese and Vietnam, Sharp, and the production base of Chinas precision industrial.So far, the co-CEO approval authority of the highest 20 million yen (about RMB 1.”8K ecosystem” is constructed from the core of the fifth generation (5G) mobile communication system by ultra HD imaging technology.In addition to chairman and seniors Dai Zhengwu, the purpose of cultivating and selecting a member of the President, Nomura Shengming and Shi Tian Qijiu have also been union CEO.”ICT” includes Internet access (IOT) business, as a platform related to the Internet service, will also focus on building systems in cooperation with other enterprises.

SHE Net Washing has become the Chinese Kuo Sub-center designated maternal and child bath products.The new energy efficiency standards refrigerator energy-efficient power consumption decreased by 40%, corresponding to a single cost will increase by about 400.3 If you have got up early, what plan has got a special support, such as Baidu Bears early spring planning plan and the support plan of the current excellent station.The core data is not stolen.server 404 pages, 404 feedback information is set incorrectly, the user sees when 404 states are sometimes returned by the server 200 and so on.”We are still early, or a product technology research and development oriented entrepreneurial company The 90% of the team is in research and development, first make the product, build a good product of single-point breakthrough.

Qin Zhao is not only two strong countries in the late Warring States, but the two sides are still neighboring countries, and the Taihang Mountain is a natural barrier between the two countries.There are two kinds, one is a phenoli and Yu Jia, a Phoenix, Kirin;He is also unable to be spared by a sister who is being killed and Wei Qing.According to Dragon, the five-party main center, five elements of the Si, for the cloud rain, the god of the river, the god of the Tianlong, the gods, the heavens, the sky should be dragon.Daxie shoulder and save the heavy responsibility of the class, if the dragon came to help, sweep the land, to promote the flood, so the dragon is also the hero.In the first 112 BC, the Han Dynasty once again won the doubt and Wei Dengs title, the reason is that the two people dedicated to the golden color of the court, such a reason seems to be strong.Fortunately, the two sons of Weiqing did not be implicated.Four Thousands of inputWei Qings big sister is married to Gongshun He, and has a grandland to respect the voice.Jin Dynasty Guo Yan refused to “East”, “Towy Dragon”, with its “gas natural” as the god of the rain, this Dragon is ” Calibration “Cloud:” The God of Tianlong is also in Dragon .He urgently needs a victory to prove that herself, blocking the mouth of the opponent, is more important to establish confidence in defeating the Huns.What is Zhao Guos reasons for receiving the party? Below we like a detailed article introduction.This official second-generation is a typical son, and ultimately because of the two crimes of the Emperor Wu Emperor with Yangshi Princess.I dont think so, Zhao Guo accepts that there is also a strategic level in the party.The earliest emergence is in the previous Yellow Emperor, “Shan Hai Jing” and “Historical Record” are recorded.It is because Wei Qing has maintained a modest and cautious act, so until Weiqing has died, there is no 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫 卫, this is the beauty of Weiqings personal charm.

Guan Yu is really a lot of Jingjing? Who is the responsibility of Jingzhou? Who is right? This is the main responsibility?When Jing Yu came out of Jingzhou, when I took Xiangfan, Liu Bei, who is far from Chengdu, what is Zhuge Liangs monarch? Liu Bei and Cao Wei Group, gain a full victory in the Hanzhong battle, successfully captured Hanzhong There is no challenge, take the initiative to attack Changan, to reduce the military pressure of Guan Yu, but led the civil and military Baiguan to return to Chengdu, concentrate on building a palace hall, enjoy the enchantment of Baiguan, praise Wang said the great cause of the emperor, where is it there are thought to spare some time far in Jingzhou, Guan Yu.Currently, the city has established an ecological, mercy, resident, residential construction, transportation, public security, etc.But the good days are short.Jingzhou soldiers defeated, Guan Yu was killed, who is the responsibility? Is it true that Guan Yus incompetence and arrogance?”Jingzhou is in the upstream of Yangzhou, the relationship between Wu Guo, Sun Quan is willing to fight for Jingzhou, otherwise there will be Wu Guo”, Jingzhou is in Dongwu,It is the sword that is suspended in the top, does not master it in your own hands, must be difficult to sleep.will lead Jingzhou, personally lead Pang Tuan, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan and other generals, from Jingzhou, I will win Yizhou.Today, we will prepare for everyone: Guan Yu loses Jingzhou, interested, friends!According to the principle of tactical obedience strategy, Liu Bei Group should really have something to do, adopt Pang Tong, Fa Zheng, Zhao Yun and others, give up Jingzhou, concentrate the main force to compete, cool and close, and let the land of Jingzhou To further strengthen the relationship with Dongwus alliance, with East Wu is the back aid, fully attack Cao Wei.Dragon Ranan is not very powerful in Buddhism, only the second in the 18th Rhan.Therefore, the defeat of Jing Yus Jingzhou is inevitably, it is not reversible.Guan Er Ye is aqi wind, and Wei Zhenhua.Tell, even if Dongwu and Cao Wei join hands, seeking Jizhou, a main force is still Guan Yu, a Jingzhou without Lu Fang and Fu Shi Ren, plus the city high-end Jiangling City, and From the reinforcements from Yizhou, Guan Yu held Jingzhou and it should be no problem.

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On Monday, ZOOM submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, its acquisition of cloud contact center software service provider FIVE9 trading is facing competition.The recruitment of exhibitors is still in continuous.He was also included in the credit blacklist, and finally he contacted me.This is like a red dress, after all, this black swan, let Zoom have tasted unprecedented sweetness.Figure 3 cyclical earnings significantly in recent years to enhance the rapidWhen classification adjustments occur among SSE All industry index constituent securities will be adjusted.However, as the most traditional is also the most basic business.The analyst said that its competitors may be the market value of $ 242.Morgan Datong analyst Sterling Auty pointed out that Zooms daily active users and downloads have been declining since September last year.

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