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Personal project. Interior design/light study.

Sculpted in ZBrush, the color texture was painted in Substance Painter, rendered in Maya with Arnold, used Xgen core for the hair.

Our protagonist is trying to deliver a critical message in a post apocalyptic world where most of the communication networks are destroyed, He Should fight his way through all the hardships and danger of a fallen civilization This Concept has been in my head since 8 years ago and finally ive been able to start translating my thoughts into artworks, Im happy with my progress and i hope to make more, This artwork is rendered With Arnold/Maya and modeled by using ZBrush, Marvelous designer and 3ds Max, I used some of Quixel mega scans assets for the Environment to speedup hte process. Hope you Enjoy it

Gucci Spider is the result of mixing one of the most favorite superheroes and one of the most favorite superbrands. New Iconic Heroes Series.

Faces of Flame How Mark Epstein Got His Childhood Dream Job

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Introducing New Resource Planning Views in ShotGrid

ShotGrid brings more powerful production tracking capabilities to studio workflows with new Resource Planning views.

More Maya 2022 tools : Convert your selection from faces to edges, verts…

More Maya 2022 tools : Convert your selection from faces to edges, vertices…

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Meet our newest Artist of the Month!

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