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. . . Talk and learn about photo equipment and techniques and about photographing your work.

. . . Try your luck with our daily puzzler.

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Heres where you can share glimpses of your shop, woodworking tips, methods of work, mug shots, or anything else that might interest other woodworkers.

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Here is a collection of articles by a dearly departed woodturner, author and WoodCentral regular Russ Fairfield on topics of interest to turners design, finishing, technique, you name it!

Check out our great collection of essays from the great northeastern forest of New Hampshire and Vermont, ably compiled by woodsman and lifelong lumber purveyor, David Mather. Enjoy these wonderful insights into the trees and the biosphere they live in.

Gather around and enjoy Forrest Addys fantastic accounts of logging in the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the century!

Read excerpts from early surveys conducted on the WoodCentral messageboards, as they appeared in our columns in

magazine. News & Views is still published bimonthly.

Read short, to-the-point reviews of classic and not-so-classic books on wood and woodworking by former resident bibliophile, Barb Siddiqui and others.

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