“cover” and other representatives

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Just like the Tianji horse, the new brand uses a first-line product to Traditional brand second and third-line products are misplaced, naturally, will form an advantage online.New classmates, hello!Insight for consumer demand comes from Internet big data, including brand itself user data, feedback from peers, eventually finds the pain point of the crowd, and develops products based on these demand pain points.on the other hand, in order to protect the line channels, it is difficult to “ALL IN line, the online sales of the line is often the second and third line products, regardless of It is difficult to compete with new consumer brands.Looking at the entire Internet, the most powerful WeChat is only Ali with the WeChat of Tencent.At the same time, Alipay can better use frequently accumulated third-party payment scenarios to use frequent services.On July 19, Alibaba officially launched the 2022th freshman campus recruitment, and the 113 posts in the graduates of the recent graduates were opened for the first time in the first recruitment.Similar to the perfect diary, Li Ziqi and other new consumer brands, the fun and sleep mainly use the light asset business model of outsourcing production + Internet sales.Thanks to the core brand of the fun, the upper reaches of many technological giants such as Xiaomi IoT, Huawei Yun has successively cooperated with a funny sleep, It provides technical support, and the smart single item has been awarded to sell achievements.After accumulating a certain brand advantage and business scale, Fusai Technology has expanded on the basis of the original bedroom scene products in 2019, and has launched intelligent Internet applications such as intelligent electric beds.Although Alipays many tries are not optimistic, it is even attracted.In the end, it will return to individual or organizations to have several accounts limit.Cooperation, currently more than 50% of the products are using new materials.Traditional retailers have a classic second eight principle, 20% of products contribute more than 80% of sales.

Similarly let more peers know your existence, understand what you do, and find new work or hopping will be more likely to find new work or hop.The intersection, this kind of person will naturally be deleted by me in the event of a friend.After all, this era has changed too fast, not everyone followed.Four: micro-channel era, how to accumulate contacts I mentioned earlier when North drift, I have accumulated industry contacts, mostly by writing blog and SNS social networking platform to mix some IT classes.Just because the limitations of the number of QQ friends were forced to register so much.My private QQ has only begun to work QQ because it is filled with people, so they are forced to register new QQ.It can be said that from 2006 to write blogs, I didnt worry about work, because I recognized that my Internet companys boss is too much, I found me to hop in Beijing Internet company, at least 50.Federal Reserve accidental shrinkage, China real estate regulation is over, new crown epidemic once again broke out, Chinas credit event impa!

As a wounded and promoter of the network literature payment reading system and the writer welfare guarantee system, the reading group provides a great content incubation platform for these network enthusiasts, and the creator camp continued to increase to 730 10,000.”Years from unbeaten beauty” Author: SuiweiAt the same time, the audience watching the party also through the qq reading app, synchronized reading welfare, free of charge all online books and 100 million book coupons.”Star Change””Flower Fairview open “author: creak”Jin Tong” author : 听 花All debut.New and old creators show new era star writersChen Dong is a superior imagination, good at manufacturing suspense, “holy market”, “cover” and other representatives, and long-term occupation of the listings of the listings, and the number of movies will be won, but also the popular adaptation IP of the moving tour.”You and my 1980s” Author: Yan Xiao MomoI will repair the air conditioning works: “I have a house adventure””When Feng Yu returned” Author: Tang Meng Juxian”Through” Author:Li Wei has changed more in “Biography” The acting is recommended for super IP breakthrough actors, and its performance in the upcoming “Qing Yu Ye” is worth looking forward to;Tang Dynasty is deeply honest, and in the process of cooperation with farmers, some challenges need to be resolved.Not only should I cut from the source, but also based on the fine as the core, the reading has gradually leads the establishment of a benign ecology for the sustainable development of the industry, and empowering vitality for good content.