Stay Comfortable 12 of the Warmest Insulated Hunting Jackets in 2021

The need to stay warm and comfortable is a primary concern for most of us when out in the field and choosing the most appropriate jacket is a very important step when preparing for a hunting trip.

There are many different types of hunting jackets available that offer differing levels of insulation from the elements. The selection of jackets that have been analysed here have been released by their manufacturers as cold weather jackets. They offer warmth for the hunter. We check them out to find out what else they offer.

When looking for the best jacket for the job you will have to decide whether you need the jacket to:

Some jackets provide one of these features, some provide some of these features and some provide most. The occasional jacket is going to provide you with all of these features to a greater or lesser degree. In most cases you will be paying a premium for these jackets and we will highlight this as well.

Its important, as you prepare for the next season, to ensure that you get the best possible extreme cold weather hunting gear with all of the latest technologies built in.

So, here is our list of 12 of the warmest insulated hunting jackets available on the market today.

Browning Wasatch Hooded Insulated Jacket

Scent-Lok Vortex Windproof Fleece Jacket

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Rut Jacket

Yukon Gear 3N1 Insulated Parka Jacket

Sitka Gear Incinerator Insulated Jacket

Onyx Arctic Shield X-System Classic Insulated Parka

Wildfowler Outfitter Waterproof Insulated Parka

Russell Outdoors APXG2 L5 Insulated Jacket

Yukon Gear Reversible Insulated Parka Jacket

Now lets take a look at each of the jackets that we have examined in a little more detail. These jackets all possess features that will keep you warm in the harshest of weather conditions. You might also decide that you need a jacket that will adapt as the weather improves. Alternatively, you may need a jacket that is easy to store in a pack when not in use. Our list is diverse and so are the prices that you can get them for.

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This jacket has been marketed by Sitka Gear as the companys warmest hunting jacket and has been designed to be used in the most extreme conditions. It has been insulated with a hybrid insulation blend of 60% 650 fill power white duck down and 40% ultrafine Primaloft fibers giving it outstanding water-repellent qualities. The insulation material is wrapped in 3 layers of Gore-Tex membrane and then covered by a durable polyester fabric.

This is the ultimate cold season jacket that is suited to the hunter who sits and waits for long periods of time.

Features such as a fully adjustable hood that will drop away to provide you with full peripheral vision while still sealing off the possibility of heat loss. The cuffs are designed to keep moisture out and heat in and the pockets are fleece lined to maintain warmth.

Noted Weaknesses:the only weakness that has been noted by customers is that it is too noisy for use when big game hunting.

I would give the Blizzard Parka and bibs 10 stars if theyd let me! I just used this suit for the first time on a seven day brown bear hunt in Kamchatka, Russia. Temps were in the 20s most days and we did a lot of snowmobile and hiking. I was nervous about the versatility of the system being able to handle the fluctuation of activity levels involved with this type of hunt, but the Blizzard performed incredibly. Half the day we are flying around on a snowmobile in single digit windchill – the other half we were on foot, climbing and glassing. I would have never imagined that a suit that could keep you toasty warm on the freezing cold rides wouldnt leave you soaked in sweat after a 1000 yard vertical. Somehow this suit just gives you the best of both worlds. Amazing technology from Sitka right here!

If your looking for a quiet coat that you can stalk in then this is not it, but if you want to stay warm in the worst weather conditions you can imagine then this coat is perfect. I purchased my parka last November and was amazed by its warmth. My first trip out it was 15 degrees with the wind chill below zero, all I had underneath was a heavyweight base layer and I was plenty warm. While the rest of my hunting party was complaining about being cold I was comfortable in my blizzard parka.

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7 oz. cotton/poly twill shell fabric

85 gram insulation in hood and sleeves

Smooth taffeta sleeve lining for easy on/off

Large front pockets with snap closures

Rib-knit cuffs and elastic waistband

This is a Big Game jacket that has been designed to provide tough abrasion resistance. The jacket has a cotton/polyester twill shell fabric on the outer layer and a brushed tricot lining. The majority of insulation has been focused on the body of the jacket with the sleeves given a lighter covering to provide freedom of motion. The lining of the jacket traps the heat to ensure the hunter remains warm in the harshest of external conditions. It is available in either Realtree Xtra or Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity patterns.

The fit and construction of this jacket was fine. For under $100 it works great for a mid season jacket that I dont mind getting dirty.

I took this jacket on a hunting trip this past weekend; it kept me warm and comfortable. This jacket is loose fitting to allow for better movement. The arms specifically allow full rotation and cross over when carrying a rifle. The waist is just right with snug fit and keeps the cold air out.

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This is a fleece jacket that provides one very important additional aspect that other fleece jackets dont windproofing. The Vortex has a windproof barrier in the form of Carbon Alloy technology that sits between two layers of fleece. The result is a jacket that is soft to the touch yet durable and comfortable. The inner lining features micro fleece for even greater warmth. The jacket has been made in two colors, either Vertigo Grey Camo or Realtree Xtra.

As far as sizing, thats pretty simple to review. If you want an athletic fit and only intend to do light layering I would purchase according to the size chart, but if you intend to truly utilize this as your late season exterior layer purchase a size up to accommodate for several layers underneath. Now performance! This jackets ability to block wind is amazing. I hunted in winds gusting up to 30 mph and the wind DID NOT penetrate this jacket. Since it is fleece its extremely quiet and soft to the touch. Its advertised on the tag as below 40 degrees and trust me if you go out in this jacket on a calm day over 40 degrees youre probably going to sweat. As far as me personally for a late season exterior jacket even with a base and mid layer after having hunted in mid 20s, it may not be the best option below 25 or so unless you have a well insulated base and mid layer system in place.

I went shopping for the quietest outer-layer top for bow hunting I could find and this is it. It layers well and provides more warmth than I was expecting. I use a safety-belt, but for those who use the harness that comes off the top of the shoulders it has a slot which makes a ton of sense, especially in cold or wet weather. My only criticism about this top is that it does not have a flap or holes in the back for a backtag. A backtag is required in Wisconsin. I did buy some camo material and had a friend sew a backtag flap on for a cheap fix. This top is comfortable and most importantly very quiet…Im confident that this garment will help me at that critical time when there is complete silence in the woods.

Here on the Alabama GulfCoast it is windy. No matter how much you bundle or how good your layers are the wind here cuts like a knife. That is what prompted me to get the Vortex gear. I have the jacket N pants. Its warm enough to not layer in the lows 40s. And it really is wind-proof. Im very happy with it. Athletic cut. Good fit. Well made.

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Loose: Fuller cut for complete comfort.

Exclusive UA Scent Control technology

ColdGear® Infrared technology uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb & retain your own body heat

Substantial, 2-layer fleece traps monster warmth for extreme cold

Material wicks sweat & dries really fast

Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes

Quiet construction prevents fabric from rustling, helping you stay silent

Harness-compatible design to keep you safe in the treestand

Volume-reducing sleeves tighten up for bow hunters

Pack-accessible, Secure hand pockets & chest pockets

This is a jacket that has been made using the Under Armour ColdGear Infrared technology that is designed to retain the body heat of the wearer. The thermo-conductive inner coating and the 2-layer fleece exterior means that the Rut will keep you extremely warm in the coldest of conditions. The jacket also uses the Moisture Transport System to wick sweat away from the body. The fabric used prevents rustling for silent movement. Finally, it uses Under Armour Scent Control technology to keep odor under control to keep you undetected.

I hunt in NE Wisconsin, where Fall temperatures can range from 60 degrees to 10 degrees. The first time I hunted with this jacket, it was about 50 degrees when I went out and about 35 when I came in. I wore a thin base layer underneath, and I was a little warm when I got to my stand. However, moisture was not a problem, and I was very comfortable sitting in my stand.

Ive also worn this jacket when it was 5 degrees outside. I wore a thermal base layer and a hoodie underneath. It was cold out, but I was comfortable for over three hours.

In addition to the warmth, I love how quiet it is. The fabric and zippers are super quiet.

There are pockets on the front that have tethers for equipment like grunt calls and rattle bags. Those pockets are huge, and are also a great place to keep a cell phone for quick access.

I got jacket/pants combo but didnt realize they werent waterproof. Thats a big minus for me cause I hunt/fish no matter the weather. I would have expected something this expensive to be waterproof. Fit was pretty good but I needed a little more room. Comfort was great, make sure it less than 40 degrees out or you will burn up, at least I did. Clothing was very quiet while walking, no sound like some of my other hunting clothes. So, is there a nice windproof/waterproof shell I could wear over this combo without breaking the bank? Overall Im satisfied.

This is a great jacket for mid to late season hunting. The 2 chest pockets are huge. The only thing I dont like about the jacket are the hand pockets are a mesh material and for a mid to late season jacket it would have been better to have a fleece or some warmer type of material.

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This is a jacket that has been created specifically to counter the cold winds that threaten to cut you in two.

The jacket has been built with 3 layers that are both wind and water resistant. The inside layers feature soft fleece to keep you warm, the outside layer is a quiet softshell to add protection and also to allow you to move around silently.

All of this has been given the name Windbrake Technology and is proving to be very effective in keeping the hunter warm and comfortable.

Many people believe that this is the best bow hunting jacket for cold weather that is currently available on the market.

Love this jacket. Fits great and is quite and comfortable. Love all the pockets and features.

Only minor gripe I would say/change is the zip up collar zips off to one side and love that feature. I just wished it zipped to the other side. Would make bow hunting with it all that much better where theres that extra flap its on the right side when drawing a bow. Like I said tho, minor. Still love it.

The Matrix suit that I purchased is an excellent fit and very comfortable. It is the next step from the Knockout suit that I already had. ScentBlocker is a great company with excellent customer service and the only way to go for hunting clothes.

Best hunting jacket Ive ever owned…amazing fit and extremely comfortable… Not bulky. The zipper design is the best part. It curves at the top so that the zipper sits on the side of your neck instead of rubbing your chin raw every time you move in a stand.

The windblocker feature is what makes this jacket stand out. Warmth without bulk makes this one awesome archery jacket.

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The 3N1 parka from Yukon Gear is made from 100% polyester tricot and comes with a zip-in insulated inner jacket. The fabric is lightweight and quiet with a soft and comfortable feel to it but the outer jacket itself presents the qualities that are essential in a warm winter jacket. It is windproof, waterproof and breathable making it ideal for most cold weather hunting situations.

The jacket is available in either Break-Up Infinity or Shadow Grass Blades patterns. The inclusion of the liner means that when the conditions start to warm up you can remove it and still feel comfortable in the jacket.

This coat is great for the cold. VERY warm! Not sweaty. Roomy with lots of awesome pockets for all that junk you need to haul into the field. Even has some elastic bullet holders. Dual front pockets on each side keep your hands separate from cold gear. However, the plastic interior liner inside the coat (insulation) gets crispy in the near and sub-zero cold. Its okay for tower hunting because the deer cant hear the crinkles but I dont think it would work in a ground blind or deer stand. Personally, as an audiophile I find it annoying how noisy it is. Every time you move (even turning your neck) its amplified. However, this makes me sit still – to the point it hurts.

I purchased this jacket for the PA deer hunt. Just wrapped up hunting for the past two weeks and now have time to write a review. I am very impressed with this $100 jacket. It far exceeded my expectations for the price point this jacket works just as good as a $300 jacket. I hunted in all weather conditions except sunny days. This jacket withstood drizzle, freezing drizzle, torrential downpours, snow, and cold. It kept me warm and dry (for the most part – I will expound on that later). The jacket is quiet and the fold-up-hood is a real asset for those precipitating days. The jacket is warm and yet not bulky at all. The bullet holders built into the pockets are very nice and keep your bullets from jingling while moving. The slash pockets are warm even though there does not appear to be much insulation in them. The ambient temperature was around 32-35 degrees Fahrenheit everyday I hunted and I did not wear gloves. I kept my hands in the slash pockets and at times my hands were sweating. I wish the jacket had an inside pocket but that is just my preference.

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The Incinerator has been named by Sitka Gear as its warmest Whitetail hunting jacket. It has been insulated with goose down that has been encased in Gore-Tex fabric. The jacket is waterproof and is suitable to be worn by hunters who are liable to spend extended periods of time motionless. The jacket has been designed to fit well to the body without feeling bulky, a good jacket to use when bow hunting. There are two chest pockets as well as two deep hand pockets for both storage and warmth purposes. It is made with the Optifade Forest color.

Pros: – Extremely high warmth to weight ratio – Extremely lightweight – Plenty of pockets – Nice deep pockets for hands Cons: – Little noisier than Id like but probably not too bad. – Bib pocket is on the inside where the fabric is not as durable, would be nicer if the pocket was on the outside of the bibs where the material is tougher and it would be nice if there was 2 pockets, one on each side. – Permanent hood, a lot of hunters do not like hoods, they make it hard to hear, catch the wind when its blowing in your face, obstruct your view, make turning left and right hard to see and hear, noisy. I always wear a mask and beanie which allows more freedom and better use of your senses. A detachable hood would be fine. Strange that such an expensive jacket does not come with a detachable hood since much cheaper jackets come standard with detachable hoods.

I took the plunge on this expensive setup because I get cold easily. Its very warm so that was worth it and i love the athletic fit of Sitka clothing. However, seriously, they should have tested this in the field for noise. It is a VERY VERY noisy outfit. The material latches on to any surface and the rubbing sound in the deer woods might as well be a welcoming parade with fanfare. I couldnt move or twitch without a loud sound being made. Absolutely terrible. So, given the warmth, I now only use these for gun season hoping deer 150yds away cant hear me.

This jacket paired with the bibs are my go to for anything under 40 degrees. I use them for sitting in the deer stand, ice fishing and coyote hunting. I wear a medium everything and even with layering with 2 sweatshirts underneath I still have mobility to draw a bow and easily get in and out of the deer stand. When coyote hunting and ice fishing in -20 degree weather the only thing to get cold was my hands. Even with how warm they are, I wore this suit in 55 degree weather this year in the deer stand, didnt put it on till I got in the stand and kept every thing unzipped, I didnt even sweat which really surprised me. I was lucky to get this suit at the Ice fishing show in Minneapolis for a really good deal. I would recommend this suit to anyone who hunts mainly when the temp drops below 35-40 degrees.

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High collar, detachable hood with adjustment drawcord

Zippered chest pockets and cargo pockets

Adjustable wrist cuffs with hook & loop tabs

This is one of the original and still one of the most effective jackets to wear in cold or adverse weather conditions. The jacket is fully lined and insulated and will keep you warm to temperatures that drop down below zero. As well as providing warmth it is also water and wind proof having been developed with ArcticShield technology. The exterior is micro-suede that is soft and silent so that movement is not inhibited at all. It is available in the Mossy Oak Infinity camo pattern. For the price it remains one of the best value for money cold weather jackets available.

After researching gear for hunting this winter I came across the Arctic Shield jacket and bib. I was amazed how warm they are together – almost like hunting in summer with all that white stuff around me. Soft – quiet and the best outer wear Ive ever used.

Cold? Not while wearing this! I was able to sit still with temperatures in the lower 20s with this and the matching pants. Held up very well while moving through thorn patches also.

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This is a lightweight jacket that has been built to offer an incredible heat-to-weight ratio. Although it doesnt weigh terribly much it will handle the harshest weather conditions. It contains a high-loft synthetic insulation material that is called PrimaLoft Sport.

The jacket can either be worn as an outer layer or underneath a shell. It is not rated for wind shear, yet it will still provide significant protection from strong winds.

It is available in a range of different patterns including Optifade Forest, Optifade Open Country and Moss. This is the type of jacket you want to take with you if youre low on space in your pack.

It has been well over a year since I purchased the Kelvin Jacket as well as the Kelvin Vest. I like to review items after they have been put to the test. I bought the gear with a float hunt for Moose and Caribou in the Brooks Range beginning in mid September. Temperatures can greatly vary but we averaged temps in the mid 30s to lows of about 20. My greatest concern was for my body core. My plan was to wear a merino base layer under a wool commando type sweater and top it off with the Kelvin Jacket and the Kelvin Vest underneath the jacket in case it got really cold on the river. I never even took the vest out of my dry bag. Of course when heavy rains began, I pulled out my waterproof shell as to not get the Kelvin Jacket saturated. However, the Kelvin Jacket did perform well and repelled light rain and snow.

I bought this jacket in both xl and in xxl so that i had the option to layer either over or under the jacket depending on situation. seems like a very high quality jacket. unfortunately though, it generates an unfathomable amount of static electricity…to the point that it is miserable to wear/take-off. my other sitka gear has been good, but ill be getting rid of these jackets.

I have had this jacket for about a year before writing this review. Besides hunting I have a decent amount of experience in mountaineering, hiking and camping. With that being said Sitkas Kelvin jacket along with all of their other products I own has bridged the gap between technical mountaineering, high performance outdoor clothing and injected it into hunting. I never leave home without a puff jacket at least in my day bag or truck and always had to turn to other places (non hunting companys) for that option to use for my hunting load out. When I found the Kelvin jacket and started to use it I was extremely impressed with its weight to warmth ratio, quality and just overall performance. I have used it in the dead of winter in a tree stand with temperatures ranging from 0 to mid-30s with just a wool long sleeve and Sitkas traverse pullover on and never once was cold. It did a great job at cutting out the wind even though its not rated for wind shear. The only kind of negative I will say is that its not the most packable puff I have ever had but it is most certainly doable and not something I would hold against it in any way. If you are looking for a great piece of gear to add to your hunting kit I would definitely consider this one.

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With a polar fleece lining and high cut storm collar the jacket has been designed to keep out the cold and insulate the wearer. It is designed to be worn by deer and waterfowl hunters who might be regularly faced with wet and windy conditions. The polar fleece lining sits inside a 100% polyester waterproof shell for a protective outer layer. The jacket is available in a choice of either Wildgrass or Snow Trees patterns. This is one of the cheaper cold climate jackets available.

This coat is fantastic fits well is totally water proof was hunting dove and rain came in i sat in the rain with the matching bibs and was bone dry for the hole 6 hours i was out their very warm to if you pair these with the under armore 4.0 baselayer you wont have a care in the world

I am a waterfowl hunter and live in NE South Dakota. I ve been looking for a lightweight, but warm jacket for late season duck/goose hunting. I was able to give it the true test today. I spent the morning goose hunting in a strong 25 mph wind and an air temperature of about 16 degrees F. (which is about -2 F windchill) I wore a hooded sweatshirt underneath my new Wildfowler Outfitter jacket and stayed warm the entire time! It did an excellent job of keeping the cold out and protecting me from the wind. I really like the jackets length because it sits 6-7 s below my waist. The hood design and lining was also a nice feature in todays weather! The only thing I dont really care for on the jacket is the velcro flaps on the pockets. I keep extra shotgun shells in my pockets and so I prefer pockets with snaps. The velcro makes it a little a bit cumbersome to get shells out because it catches and sticks everytime Id reach for shells. I finally just tucked the pocket flaps inside so they wouldnt catch. The pocket design is a minor nuisance and comes down to personal preference. I know Im going to get a lot of good use out of this jacket, especially for the price!

Nice insulated parka. Very well insulated. Size runs a little small but not enough to warrant buying a larger size. Given the heavy insulation, you also dont need many layers under this parka. I would classify this parka as a cold season, sitting/stand hunting type of outfit due to the heavy insulation. Insulation does a very good job of keeping the wind & cold out, especially if you put the hood & collar up. Unless its bitterly cold, you will have a tough time keeping from sweating in this parka if you move around a lot. It seems to be well made but Ive only worn it on a few predator hunts so time will tell on how well it holds up. The parka is also supposed to be waterproof but I havent had a chance to test if it is. Camo pattern blends very well with snow covered woods. Overall Im very satisfied with the purchase.

Bought this to use duck hunting. I used it in raining conditions with a 20 mph wind. Jacket kept me dry and warm. The jacket has a lot of insulation and is very warm. The two outside pockets have a Velcro closure and are very deep. Nice for holding shells and they wont fall out when you bend over. The only reason I didnt give the item 5 stars is because it lacks a smaller chest pocket on the inside or outside. My other coats have them and they are very useful to keep the hunting license in.

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The Russell Outdoors Insulated jacket provides warmth thanks to the inclusion of PrimaLoft insulation. The jacket is also water resistant and will shed excess water as it hits the external shell. The PrimaLoft also means that the jacket is breathable and will moderate the temperature inside to keep you comfortable when you are under exertion. The L4 designation in the name of the jacket indicates that it is a lightweight jacket that belies its effectiveness for keeping out the cold. The jacket is available in Realtree AP camouflage pattern.

I did like that the coat was insulated with Primaloft . The fit in a large was a bit snug for layering and the collar came up too high on my chin which I was not comfortable with. I tried it in an XL and that one was way too big so I sent both back. I will wait and see what Russel comes out with for 2013. Overall I think the quality of the line is very good it just wasnt for me.

I tried several coats before settling on this one for cold weather. This is a parka, not a jacket, due to the length, and thickness of insulation. It is not a jacket you would throw on when temps are above 35 degrees. The best feature is the hood that rolls up and zips into the collar. Its there when you need it and out of the way when you dont. And the zip to chin collar is more comfortable than most. Like most Russell outdoor wear, the quality is excellent, sizing runs a bit small.

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The most important factors related to the Yukon Gear Reversible jacket are the features that make it waterproof, windproof and breathable. The outer layer is a soft 240 GM 100% polyester tricot fabric and provides a protective barrier against the weather conditions while remaining silent when it moves. The reversible aspect of the jacket allows you to turn the jacket inside out to go from the Break Up Infinity pattern to either a Blaze or Winter pattern depending on the model you buy.

Purchased this and the bibs primarily for the snow camo but like the fact that they are reversible with a fall pattern as well. They seem well made and are very warm. The material is quiet enough for me, its not rag wool but doesnt seem noisy. I have not had them out in the rain yet but I have similar outerwear and waterproof attributes are good. It does seem to hold some moisture on the outer layer. They are pretty light weight and not overly bulky considering how warm they are, definitely too warm for 40 degrees and walking but great for cold temps and sitting still from 40 degrees on down to – temps.

Heavier duty than I expected, which is a good thing up here in the great white north. I have been out in heavy rains with this outfit and stayed dry. Very good set-up for the money.

A very nice coat. Warm, quiet, enough pockets, good camo pattern. Im 6 tall and weigh 205, its just a little tight but I dont think you need to much underneath to stay warm.

Any of the jackets that have been listed above will keep you comfortable whilst out in the field.

Among these well insulated jackets are some of the best lightweight warm hunting clothes on the market. When paired with good quality pants and a sensible base you will be well on your way to a comfortable days hunting.

There is more to staying well insulated during the coldest of winter days than simply putting a warm jacket on. The outer layer is important because it will keep the warmth generated by the body trapped where it will do the most good. But the process all starts with the inside layers of clothing.

The trick to staying warm is to start with quality base layer clothes such as the ones that are made from merino wool. They will not only preserve the warmth from the body but can also wick moisture away from the body.

Complete protection against the elements is only possible if you have covered all parts of the body and this means you shou