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6, Smartisan old founder Luo Overheating sturdy character may have come from former soldiers father, it is understood his father in February 1951 to participate in Luochang Zhen Chinese Peoples Volunteers, joined the Communist Party of China in January 1954, July Yanbian jobs to work, former County deputy secretary, secretary, deputy governor, deputy secretary of state, state CPPCC vice chairman.He has taught in Chengdu, Huangpu Military Academy, and the Department of History of the National Political University.March 2006 – September 2008 served as Cool CEO and CTO.(@ Hairline is high)In 2002, the economic data complies with the expected focus on the report performance expectationOverall market, we believe that the current position of the A-share market in the exponential level may be more limited, and the loose fluidity will provide a strong support for the market.Every time I come to the company, I have a black Mercedes-Benz, very static.2, Tencents founding humanized Madensman Huathens father Mao Chen took the deputy general manager of Shenzhen Yantian Port Group Co.4, Sohu founder Zhang Chaoyang Zhang Chaoyang has lived in the family of Xian East Suburban, from a small life, parents are doctors, home on the side of the factory, the living environment is very casual.」 This is the end of the circle of Cai Wen Sheng.He has served as the Cool Development Manager.To this end, the authorities introduced new regulations follow the voice of the masses, strictly implement the real-name verification and drastically reduced the limit from a long period of time to provide online gaming services to minors, to, to strengthen supervision and actively guide .He has served as a job in Cool, R & D, and other the champion is this kind of good at home.Wu Shichun, plum blossom angel, innovative, Cool, Joint founder.

In Yuwen Tais management, although Western Wei and Northern also built up a great development, but want to win the war with the Eastern Wei and even they do have great difficulty.As a result, Guan Yong Group still wants to achieve a certain land after giving gold and silver jewels.then Yuwen Tai died, the newly appointed rulers did not co-ordinate the overall situation, coordination of all parties.Always have a continuous amount of gold and silver outflow, and there is always a place where it is necessary.There is a lot of deprivation of the people in the economy, and the people must work hard to work hard, seeking to maximize the role of land and meet more peoples which Guanlong Group for their own development consider accepting a reward countries are willing to national use.The Gentle Princess is very reluctant, it is too far away from Beijing, too desolate, crying for three days and three nights.Finally, I have already brought a lot of gold and silver treasures and house slaves, and I have seen it to you, and the place where she wants to continue Mongolia, Wang Gong, did not dare to give it.In order to be proud, Yongzheng Emperor has retained the daughter in the palace in the palace, that is, the Shuo Shushu, the princess, and the massels and the masters.West Wei North Week is above the riots, and each of them will take the local people to use the local people, and some are to let them work, and some are slaves.So he was committed to the helplessness to Tuchen, hoping to give them a military help, and resist some of the power from the East Wei.Second, the land becomes the weapon of the Guanyang Group, Guan Yong Group and the West Wei North Week useThe country is still still so confusing, not to talk to the foreign enemy, and it is not bad to save your own strength.Kangxis sixty-year (1722) Winter, Kangxi Emperor drued to Chang Chunyuan, the emperors four sons inherited the throne, and the year changed the year, he became the end of Kangxi.State property so slowly overtly or covertly out of the state treasury, flows into the Guanlong Group.Give the land is just the first step, and the slaves needed to live in the life of the land will be given to the land.Third, land Unreasonable property distribution potential abuses, eventually leading to the collapse of Western Wei and Northe.

At the same time, Morgan Stanley and other investments have said that Ali Clouds market share is about 50% of China, and it is also a unique.To that time, the core of cloud computing is no longer calculated, but the artificial intelligence is driven.In 2018, the number of health management products based on listed in 2018 (Eye OClock_w) received a lot of repercussions at China, Paris, and Dubai.This is not difficult to understand why Google, Baidu, etc.February 7 news, Microsoft announced recently that the Classic EDGE EDGE will be removed in April this April, the new patch of Windows 10 will be removed.However, cloud computing service providers are still resource, which is still resources.Far exceeds the sum of Microsoft and Google.However, the unique market share does not mean that Amazon and Ali Cloud can be unfair, and then take the cloud computing dividend.Strategy, trying to use the three-piece technical advantage for cloud computingThis marathon offers more plentiful.From the specific action from Google Cloud Service, artificial intelligence is likely to be a knocking brick that surpasses Amazon.The domestic market is also like a spin, BAT has entered the cloud computing in the expectations, Netease, Jingdong, US Mission, LeTV and other Internet companies transfer to this, wave, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Shenzhou Digital, etc.In the face of diversified user interaction scenes, the giants have differentiated advantages.invest more money, manpower and material, and advance artificial intelligence as one of the selling points.It is integrated into artificial intelligence.

What is “Human Coordination? Cloud from why” I want to propose “human-machine collaborative strategy?In fact, any great The company is in an unlimited extension.Communicate with customers in New York, a dessert store Tasti, which provides more than 100 flavored free-heatless ice products, which is deeply loved in New York.On Weibo, every blogger is in registration, you must fill in the location information.This friend then used.They are based on human-machine collaborative operating system development, which can combine many programs and products, become customized tools, different customers, and the development capability Weak businesses.roots in the industry to cloud toughness while moving steadily from finance, two major areas of security, extends the travel, business, etc.Although the algorithm is, it is not in the algorithm.Promoting a yogurt shop in Chicago in the United States controlled a batch of 5 kilometers within the TWITTER to send promotional information on Twitter.Currently, Jingdong is far more than 3C.It is worth mentioning that from clearing the idea of ??the human agency to now, the cloud from this operating system has many applications.If the cloud AI algorithms from leading anti-war capacity, then how is it different from other visual mainstream AI players?