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Enter the phone number of your primary deviceUse a third-party authentication app, such as Authy As we’ve discussed previously, Authy is a great app for managing your two-factor accounts on the iPhone, Android, and even your fans of using Dropbox to store your music files, but the official Dropbox apps don’You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t write down your password, but these one-use codes are an exception.Adult cats don’t usually get aggressive towards babies, and if you already have a hyperactive menace on your hands, a kitten’s boundless energy is a natural match.If you know you’re changing phones, make sure you switch to a different device for two-factor authentication (or none whatsoever, temporarily) before you get rid of your old phone.” On your primary device you will get a notification that asks you to verify the addition of a new device.It’s not as secure of a solution as a dedicated authenticator app or hardware token, but if you lose your phone, getting a backup device and activating it with your carrier will allow you to send text messages to the phone number attached to your accountDaniel Tan, Vice President of Jingdong Group, Daniel Tan, president, said: “3C home appliances as a king business of Jingdong, whether it is the service concept, market accumulation or platform resources, all the needs of the added demand, Jingdong has The ability is also confident and joined to meet the market change, and the service is extremely possible.When you use one, the list of codes drops from ten to nine (they aren’t replenished immediately), and you get an email saying that the code has been used.(You’ll need to do this for every device individually in My Account >Playing with your cat releases this energy and, as a bonus,?helps you bond.Tap “Accept.Unlike your authenticator codes, these one-use codes don’t change.One plus Jingdong strategic cooperation will be launched around the mobile phone, digital, home appliances, etc.

s new Libraries are one of the best underhyped features because they make it easy to manage files across multiple folders—the only problem is that all of your libraries use the same bland iconTime Buddy helps you plot your day-to-day when you have to traverse the worldNo one understands the value of a properly wound cable more than concert roadies and TV crew professionals, who wrap and unwrap hundreds of feet of cord on a daily created a number of your own custom Libraries to store your files, you’folder type.ICO file, and the changes should be made instantly.Replace Librarie Icons [deviantART via How-To Geek]As a popular lecturer, the sharing method is very lively.Coil the cord with thumbs facing the same direction then alternate and end the coil with the thumb of your bottom hand facing towards youThis method eliminates unnecessary twists in the cord and allows the cord to coil in it’s natural state (like it was wrapped from the factory).He first weeks the hobby and habits of modern people in their daily life.The over-under technique shown above and below is best suited for long cables and as an alternative to wrapping the cord around your elbow and hand.t work out, you can get back to normalAndroid/iOS: Most calendar apps can manage your schedule just fine, but if you deal with multiple time zones, it’s easy to get mixed up.Here’s the method they use to keep their shows running on timell notice that all the icons look the same, which is especially annoying for the overly-broad “Through the establishment of brand image, the initial impression of the user or consumer, and then gradually deepen the impression through media communication, so that users and consumers It has a certain link to the brand, but also lay the foundation for the establishment of the industry.Sharing the final small eggs The audience is not small, the whole game is shared, the applause, the laughter is constantly.As the founder of entrepreneurial, Qi Wei teacher analyzes how to use marketing thinking.This event invited the founder and CEO of the egg entrepreneur, and built a headline Zhang Shuai and Jingdong Business School official green belt lecturer Jin Mandu, bringing “How to use marketing thinking” “How to build your own brand” “How to sell yourself” “”.

Is it possible to buy English outlook overseas? At the same time, it also refers to the imitation of foreign products to anger: Shame!Now someone says QQ cottage ICQ? On the contrary, QQ is considered one of Chinas most outstanding, most innovative products, and ICQ has long been awkward.In China, the mutual reference to the products has a pathological tolerance, and there is also a harsh.Sure, you can do this in iTunes but then you have to add the original format to iTunes first.I feel that China is not introduced.3, each keyword optimization is 80 times (here is standard)re not familiar with the command-line utilities it’In the process of selling the Fire rope gun in the Portuguese, it is Wang straight.Currently you can grab a copy over at MacUpdateBecome a “drop-down brush new gesture” on the app, originated from the original design of Twitter client Tweetie, I remember to apply for a patent.I was moving ICQ OICQ .This article20+ Home Ranking measurement, 200 + only from 1 to NInternet product design patent litigation there is a classic case of it? I was not impressed.’ Instead, we used our technical expertise to create a set of Minimum Security Standards we think all products should meet in order to be sold in stores.Jiajing twenty-six years (1547) Ming government control in Japanese patients rampant situation, Zhu Wan adopted a “leather ferry, Yan Bao-Jia” and a series of measures to strengthen maritime trade.t touch, it!

The mobile network is so developed, the mobile phone website has become the focus of the mobile Internet, for many companies, how to grasp the companys mobile marketing, to the market demand of the company, this requires us to do mobile website!Essentially, if your app taps into Twitter for any reason, you’Enterprise wants to find high-quality mobile website platform, please pay attention to A5 service cityField:? DhTwitterific developer Icon Factory says the same thingre pissed about the new rulesMonetizing a platform is harder still, and it looks like Twitter has taken the easier path: monetizing its social graph without sharing the wealth with the developers who helped build itLifehacker founder Gina Trapani sums it up on the In Beta podcast: I think the big thing people are upset about is that we’Maybe you think sending an affectionate, cryptic letter is going to get the wheels turning in the recipient’s head, prompting hope that there’s someone out there (you) destined to sweep them off their feet, but unfortunately, you may want to forget all that.Liked By Friends&quo.


s summer series, where the format is slightly different than our regular episodes but the content is just as good.However, that’s not all it can do.\nTo make your cocktail, add in your ingredients, and pump the plunger up and down to mix.Hungry for a little more? Check out the episodes in our summer series: Episode 1 Lastly, if you need to catch up on the first season of Lifehacker, you can find all 13 episodes here: Learned a little about surviving the urban jungle Upgraded our office and hid our cords Hacked our weekends with a few of our favorite outdoorsy tricks Untangled your wires and boosted your Wi-Fi Cracked Windows passwords, padlocks, and Wi-Fi Shared some of our favorite clever repurposing tricks Supercharged your camera, took better cameraphone pictures, and painted with light Customized our phones, laptops, apartments, and so on Made better coffee, cut an onion without crying, and saved time with no-knead bread Scored free money, made free phone calls, and got free space on Dropbox Set up remote access to our home computers, remote controlled our BitTorrent downloads, and set up a remote security camera Saved a soaked gadget, make the ultimate workout playlist, and stay cool this summer Build the ultimate home theater, make great homemade popcorn, and always go cheap with HDMI cables Grab it in any format you like: If you don’I’ve bought pressed watermelon juice from the store before, and this was far betterIf you download the app now, you’ll also get a free 14-day trial of YouTube Red to check it outThis week the North to increase the number of shares to 825 shares of funds, which increased the number of shares 93 shares of more than 10 million shares,The maximum number of Shazijin mining has increased by 144 billion shares, an increase of 747.Old customers naturally with precision labels, this time you need to use the original advantages of the store to maintain good old customers with the service quality of products and stores, because old customers The second-time repurchase behavior is to be marked with the store or baby, and it is based on the cost of attracting a new customer.08 million shares, 7.As you’d expect, you can create personalized stations that match our tastes or explore a variety of music by genre.The instructions I found were to put small cubes of fruit into the press, mash to get the juices flowing, then press down the lever to strain out the juice.In the top ten capital of the Northern Northern Cooperative market value, other stocks were adjusted by Northern Funded 491.33 million shares, and the reduction amount reached 4.147 billion yuan, 9 May 1, net inflow of 7.78%, 4.542 billion yuan, a net inflow through the deep femoral 10.Each province has highly transformed cities, and there is also a low-transformed city, and each city has high transformation, there is also a low conversion place.We also ran down our favorite YouTube videos of the week, including our guide to everything the iPhone home button can do, a tool that allows you to encrypt and decrypt messages by clicking a bookmarklet, and a beginner guide to setting up Gmail with your favorite desktop email clientTo do this, I cut two whole limes, peel and all, into eighths, put them in a blender with ? can sweetened condensed milk and two cups of water.

Cloudflare’s Mac setup page may help if you need troubleshooting helpPeek supercharges Windows’After all, the buyer is preferences are not fixed, while the standard brand has more brand traffic.The Internet Explorer menu even displays your browsing history right inside of it, and the Explorer menu your “Click on Network and Sharing Center >1, the first step in the selection direction: according to keyword selection, select search, high conversion keywords, through this keyword to screen similar products, and the product is for yourself Advantages, after paying attention to good products, in order to improve operational promotion skills, directly selectively competitive products, itself is low, and the transformation is also poor, and the product can be selected.1, analysis of the current product price range, price range within view highly competitive products, about how much monthly sales at the same time look at some of their products and similar types of products, after all, the head of business competitiveness is too strong, the shops competitiveness too much difference, priority flow steals similar products, overall do a competitive analysis, product differences before viewing, good promotion plan according to the data change, to change the direction of the promotion, easier to catch up with excellent competing products.Microsoft Flow Beta Google Play Store via Android Police\nFor background, DNS is like the phone book of the internet, the means by which your internet browsers and other apps translate easy-to-remember domain names into the IP addresses you’re actually connecting to.Thanks, Asian Angel!folder list.While Cloudflare’s new DNS resolvers were created with families in mind, just about anyone can probably find a use for both—especially since they’re absolutely free (and typically much faster at resolving than your ISP’s DN?