such as establishing a number of public infrastructure


Summary of the opinion, further strengthen the monitoring and early warning and emergency technical research, enhance intelligent risk analysis, threat warning, and automation event disposal ability.We know that two emperors are pushing up in the Cixi, and the two emperors are the emperor of Guangxu and Xuantong.Source: The 21st Century Economic Report Recently, the relevant Internet platform was launched network security review, and “Network Security Review Measures (Revised Draft Draft)” released, allowing network security supervision to pay attention.questionable.There are basically two reasons for this.Emperor looked very angry and wanted to get rid of the prince.”Every industry has upstream supporting, need to be gathered, such as establishing a number of public infrastructure, building a network security verification environment, which requires high investment, only focusing the benefits is more easy to play.Independent security services, or as a security component to embed other product methods external to other product methods, currently entered the market and achieved the CITIC Department, the WITT, said in November last year, my countrys network security industry has still lacking the core technology, the industry is small, the market demand is insufficient, and the industry is not enough, and the industry is small and not strong.Mount worship, ofo is merger talks, Tencent ???????? “April Fools Day news, pretentiously introduce the possibility of merging the two, a time to brush the screen, but the discerning eye can tell what it is just April Fools Day joke.”Network security is a high-input but output, and the network security awareness of the company, especially SMEs is not enough.content scarcity era, hot events popular media soughtWilkes was increasing forces, it is bound to make the Emperor suspicious, in order to prevent the wifes family rights, only to be removed in order to strengthen their rule.Summary of the comments, actively promote Beijing, Hunan LongThe construction of the Sand National Network Safety Industry Park, exerts the industrial base advantage such as Chengdu, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and accelerate the layout of the national network security industrial park.Demand, data security sharing needs, require strengthening technology research and application.However, the above-mentioned industry insiders told the 21st century economic report reporter, the wide application of emerging technologies such as industrial Internet, IT, 5G, and the network security demand for networking.The trend has not yet been changed.I have to say, April Fools Day marketing, also can play very deep yet.Safety, smart urban security and other digital new scene new business safety capacity construction projects.From the case of past experience, it seems to have a phenomenon that is unwilling to recognize, and the news that is often bad is much more than good news, especially in the current traffic.

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