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Interact ($4.”Mao index” performance over the past ten years were very strong, much larger than the A-share market average.38 billion yuan;At this time, the fund company passes the dividend, that is, extracts the fund part of the profit and return to investors.With just a couple of taps, you can create a group, then send off an email or SMS to that group.If the fund manager believes that the recent market is not optimistic, it is not possible to directly sell the shadow stock or a significant loss.On the one hand, it can reduce costs, and the fund total assets will not change.At the beginning of 2021, the public fundamentation fund Datan “red envelopes”, there are many “top flow funds”.It’The fund contractual regulations” Looked he says.At this time, the fund manager will use dividends.61 percent upgrade.651 billion yuan.If the fund manager believes that the recent market is not optimistic, it will not be significantly reduced.Li Yang said that the fund dividends are one of the method of operating the combination manager for the management of the fund position.In addition, Huang Xingliang managed by Wanjia Preferred (161903.

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