Transsexual Women


Terry transitioned when young and worked

She then went on to marriage and a career

NEW:QueerMusic Interview with Terry(more)

Paulista(Quanto Dura o Amor)

Leang Sothea (Popi) (Cambodia)Beautician, film actressTransitioned in her teens; SRS at 24.

Popular TV auction hostess comes out.

SRS at age 22 in 1984; married in 2002.

Transsexual Women of The Philippines

Showgirl at Simon Cabaret in Pattaya

Intnl Patient Asst.,Dr. Suporn Clinic

Nationally-ranked cyclist(more,more)

Transitioned athlete,CAAWS List 2007

Former Showgirl at theCalypso in Bangkok

Sally was forced to leave medical school

Anna Taylor (UK)A woman in stealthtells her story

Bank Clerk;Housemate on Big Brother,

the popular U.K. TV Program(more,photo)

Nadia wins Big Brother(photo,photo)

Canary transitioned in the early 70s

(with her husband, Luis Miguel Segu)

Veronique Renard (Pantau)

Her books:Pholomolo,Pantau in India.

Transitioned when young; SRS in 1984 at 19.

She is married and now lives in Thailand.

Bibana Fernndez (Spain)

Candis is the first transwoman to appear in

an ongoing role on network television.

Professor of Electrical Engineering and

on studies of trans prevalence(more)

First transsexual woman to marry in China;

Entertainer; hairdresser; performed at both

FinocchiosandLe Carrousel. Photo/links

with permission ofDavid de Alba(more)

News about important court decision in Robertas case in Brazil in April 2005

Famous Transsexual Pioneer(more,more)

Entertainer at Le Carrousel de Paris

Transitioned when young., and was one

of the first to undergo themodern form of SRS

by Dr. Georges Burou in Casablanca, in 1958.

Marie-Pier Ysser (Bambi) (France, Algeria)

Transsexual pioneer and famous performer

atLe Carrousel de Paris(more,more,more),

Marie-Pier went on to become a professor of literature.

She transitioned when young, during the 1950s

Artist, Transsexual Pioneer(more,more)

Lili underwent early form of SRS in 1930

Her story, Man into Woman