Isnt this the reason most unwed American women have been going to Mexico in the first place?

Diet of man whole lived a long healthy life. Testament why he lies to this day.

heres nyc mayor candidate eric adams teaching you how to search your own home for contraband. and no, this music was legit already there. i didnt alter *anything* in these excerpts lolol

Too lazy to put a pic of James Harden in Brooklyn uniform?

Dont let it bother you.. they were so wrong!

This is the easiest yes of all time

Bro.. Youre definitely stuck in horny

Nope.. Were stupid. Over most of our heads I guess.

Why doesnt he put the stuff in his hand in his bag?

@missuglyshoes I think youre to hard on yourself about your shoes..

is my league and too feel their playoff are to long. Actually the regular season is too long. Go to a 72 game regular season instead of 82. To much revenue to be lost though for owners to ever change schedules. In any professional sports league for that matter.

Calgary is much nicer than STL though. Trust me lol

Ohhhh shoot. I forgot where your from lol Flames have all the bad luck. My favorite NHL team from up North though. Theyll get there!

Man. Thank you for being so kind. I honestly have no ill fellings towards you. Thank you for help in 9/11 honest to God from the bottom of my so called heart. You got the Blues or the Bs??

Whats a book? Is that an app? Can I get all the seasons of Cheers on that? Maybe grab a pussy like POTUS?

All I got from that was you called me Tiger. Made me feel sexy.

Lolol. Thats what Twitter is for. Right? Maybe not. But its all in good healthy fun. Yo. You a sexy cat.. to be real though.

Ah man. I was trying so hard to be nice. I was hoping you werent the DBag we both knew you are. I dont need to branch out. I love my country. The

Which is a country you want to make greater. Also, a country you dont live in

Yeah? Did we just become best friends? KC is great. No harm feelings. Wasnt trying to be disrespectful, even though it clearly looks like I was. 😶 Just like a healthy, dirty debate..

I also think its cute you keep using my name like its a slant? Yeah. My name is Benjamin. Ive lived in KC, Missouri (USA) for 30 years and I disagree with

administration fully. 9/11 was awful. I do remember it. I appreciate your support during those times.