Discover an incredible tale of ancient and contemporary history at Le Palais Bndictine by exploring our Experiences that are designed for those fired by passion and curiosity.

Discover Le Palais Bndictine through our cultural, sensorial and gastronomic Bndictine Experiences.

Fcamp, Normandy- 2h15m from Paris, 1h from Deauville & Rouen, 45min from Le Havre, 20min from Etretat.

This is a very interesting distillery with a lot of history behind it. The recipe for Benedictine came from Venice and has 27 herbs in it and used as a medical tincture. The monks were thrown out of…

The Palais Benedictine is unique building with its interesting history. There are a lot of things to see inside and outside. Palais Benedictine has also a bar, where you can enjoy the drinks and the…

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