Kangxi has not been pro-government

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1, can replace a server, Look at some of the weight stations, send some links with anchor text.At this time, the pearls, as the military department, and he is very tall and letting Kangxi deepGet pleasing.Kangxi special emperors three sons are personally to pay homage to the pearls, and it is full of this monarch.”Pearl to peoples funny, 100 songs, but is full of hazard, permit,”Wayings: Do you want to kill you, thank you?Kangxi did not name a name, but everyone knows that Kangxi is a lot of Yuxu parents quotays.Kangxi twenty-six years of winter, Zhili governor Yu Chenglong take the lead impeachment Pearl, the Pearl of the Jackie Chan Maiguanyujue the evidence presented to Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Kangxi furious .Note that this time, Kangxi has not been pro-government, is the right time.The author believes that the people like the pearls compared to the summary map, it is cool in the back.Some people say that Kangxi Emperor will be a lot of life, and there are four major achievements, ?? Ping San Francisco, collect Taiwan, Yu Russia, and Justang.This year, the personality mobilization of the Qing Dynasty was more frequent.

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