After Cao Cao died, Keng held a 100,000 armyZhang why didnt rebel

for small partners Cao Zhang was interested in, we bring small series of detailed articles for your reference. After the death of Cao Cao Cao Zhang army of thousands of his hand, Cao Zhang Why not choose to rebel? Cao Zhang mind is how to think?


Historically, the Seven are in Cao Pi Cao Zhang is born to a female compatriots, Cao Caos death, that is in power at all costs era, holding thousands of troops of Cao Zhang did rebellion, which is why? in fact, with his character has a great relationship Next, let us work together to explore the reasons for it!

Cao Zhang

Cao Zhang, the word sub-text, ordinary childhood, just like different people, and even the color of his beard nor with others Like the vast majority of people are black or gray beard, while Cao Zhang beard is yellow, so it is called yellow Cao Cao to be children. He said a mother of nine children born nine sons each different among the four sons of Cao Cao with his wife Bian students, in addition to frail Cao Xiong died long ago, and the rest is Cao Pi, Cao Zhang and Cao Zhi. Cao Zhi is among three of the most talented, intelligent young Cao Cao won the attention, but though Cao Pi Cao Zhi, but also more powerful than that of, civil and military. Cao Zhang alone, although the martial arts, but literature is almost zero.

▲ film and television drama Cao Zhang

When the young Cao Zhang, hobby horse riding, archery, but also amazing arm strength, bravery and cunning like a born fighter, can only singles with Tiger bucket, hand the tiger uniforms, even the king of beasts must respect his third. Cao Zhang superior force, especially do not love learning, preoccupied with how to improve their own military force, to know nothing about literature, in ancient times, the ancients of learning is also very important, Cao Cao Zhang see so do not love learning, thus also criticized him, saying he alone is a force, but no knowledge in mind, it is absolutely impossible. Not only that, but also make Cao Cao Zhang learning “Book of Songs” and “Book”, where one would like martial arts Cao Zhang Ken ah, so wanted to convince his father, he told his father that he does not want to do a better educated person, he imagine Huo Wei Qing and as courageous and prudent to do a great general.

Later, Cao Cao Cao Zhang also proved to be a useful he was the generals of Cao Cao see this, I feel very pleased that Cao Zhang is indeed a war of good talent, theIt is not forced to learn Cao Zhao to learn, let him wish, follow himself, to fight the sand field, and be a general. In terms of education, Cao Cao came to his son, and before he led Cao Zhang out. Although they were a father and son, but that is at home, the state-owned national law, the family has a family rule, and the military is also a rule in the army. Cao Cao I hope that Cao Zhang can abide by Wang Fa, dont claim, in the face of Cao Caos 嘱, Cao Zhang naturally patted his chest, let his father rest assured.

▲ Britcy Cao Zhang

After the result, Cao Zhang played his amazing force, fleeing the enemy and fled, Cao Zhangma will chase, not afraid of difficulties, although the middle is hurt, But his momentum is still not reduced. In the army, there is a man who believes that they are afraid. It is natural to be very tired, so advise Cao Yun not to pursue the enemy, so as to avoid the enemy ambush, Cao Zhang is not thinking about it, thinking that the soldiers are fighting for victory, if it does not pursue, isnt it to put the tiger return? When he led the army to hit the army, finally chasing the enemy, and got a great victory, settled in the north. Cao Zhang is very happy, and then doubled his soldiers. When I saw Cao Cao, I was attributed to my own soldiers. This made Cao Cao very happy, I feel that my son is a non-simple figure.

Cao Yu

Cao Yu, the word heng is a person who is a civil and military. At the time of young, Cao Yu was very guilty, and later he received good education in Cao Cao, fully read the poetry, so she watched a deep literary foundation. Under the education of Cao Cao, Cao Yus six-year-old school will be archered. The eight-year-old learns horse riding. He began to follow his fathers sand field, with a strong life experience.

In history, Cao Caos candidate has a big son, Cao Yong, and Xiao Son Cao Chong, and then Cao Yu and Cao Zhi, but Cao An and Cao Chong are unfortunately witnessed, especially Cao Chongs death, let Cao Cao I feel sad, it is my most popular son. Therefore, after the candidate, only Cao Yu and Cao Zhi, Cao Yu and Cao Zhi are born. In order to become the final candidate, Cao Yu and Cao Zhi have opened a series of struggles. It was originally the first Cao Zhi or very hope, but due to I am too kind, I will finally let Cao Cao disappointed, this is undoubtedly giving Cao Yus great opportunity. Later, Cao Yu thoughtfully used to use all kinds of counseling, and finally defeated Cao Zhi, and got the right to inherit. In 220, Cao Cao hooks, Cao Pi also do so to the throne.

▲ film and television drama Pi

In the “Three Kingdoms”, Cao Zhang is a courageous and prudent generals, and dominated the hands of thousands of troops, which for many people, It is a good opportunity to seek to usurp the throne of trickery towards his hands Pi army can be won, and then ascend the throne himself. But Cao Zhang did not do, which is later a lot of people do not understand, then let us work together to go into the reasons for it!

Cao Zhang ambition is not on the throne

front-lift, Cao Zhang I grew up not love to read and write, and therefore also by the father of criticism, because his ambition is to be a courageous and prudent great general of the imperial power simply not interested. For Cao Zhang, the literature if you talk to him, talk about the classics, he could fall asleep immediately, but if you talk to him to fight, maybe hell talk to you from day to night, three days and nights to say no finished, this is Cao Zhangs personality lies. All along, Cao Zhangs attention in brandish a gun, thinking of how to defeat the enemy, how to make themselves more powerful, how to make your next level of force, he just likes to enjoy the pleasure to repel the enemy, those boring literary and political, for him, is simply extremely boring. Cao Zhang mind all in it, where there is thought to talk to him Cao Pi and Cao Zhi compete for position, not to mention his outside year round campaign, there is no opportunity to talk to Cao Pi and Cao Zhi fight. Later Pi including the throne, he also wanted to fighting alongside of Pi throne nor the slightest interest.

Sima Yi Cao Zhang Fudge

Cao Cao before his death, he took the task to his assistant, Cao Pi Sima Yi, Cao Cao Sima Yi naturally not live up to the exhortations. Following the time-bit Pi, it is naturally very afraid to come to the throne finally fell into the hands of others, so they become skeptical to others particularly heavy, carefully. Cao Cao Zhang regarded as the biggest threat to him, because Cao Zhang hand heavily thousands, at any time may Rebellion, so he is very suspicion of Cao Zhang.

Cao Zhang nor do not understand this, he realized Pi suspicion against him, worried that she will someday die for no reason at Pis men, so after the death of Cao Cao, Cao Zhang with thousands of troops condolence. The symptoms of the Pi true not scared, then go to persuade Sima Yi Cao Zhang. He is understood Cao ZhangA very filial piety of the people, so the first by this, with Cao Zhang said Cao Cao during his lifetime wish is that the brothers live, and Cao Cao Cao Pis throne is given, if Cao Zhang and Cao Pi after the death of Cao Cao, began a series of imperial power fight, and that his old lives on the road will not rest.

Cao Zhang heard this, naturally hesitant. See Cao Zhang hesitant, Sima Yi went on to say that Cao Cao Cao personally come out to support, reasonable in the circumstances should inherit the throne, and there are many Pi convince him, if this time the fight with Cao Cao Zhang, even with won the throne by force, it is difficult for those who minister to submit to him, not to mention, at this time if the two of them fight, no doubt to the enemy can take advantage of the machine, then Cao Cao hard to lay the country, would not be so ruined yet? after some persuasion Sima Yi, Cao Zhang indeed heart, also told Sima Yi, he was just spur of the moment, but since their own military power in the hands of thousands, it certainly will not let him Pi, this time on the right Sima Yi Cao Zhang said, let Cao Zhang to give up military power, Sima Yi Cao Zhang believes saying makes sense, then let his hand out thousands of troops, one person alone to meet with Cao Pi, the two brothers a meeting, because the death of his father hugged and cried for quite a while .

▲ Cao Zhang self-knowledge

In some ways, Cao Zhang Rebellion did not seek imperial power, in fact, he is self-knowledge. First, following the ancient way under normal circumstances is a bit entropy primogeniture, the beginning of their three brothers Cao Caos wife had not the mother, and later Cao Ang died, their mother, three brothers of Mrs. Bian Cao Caos wife had become at the same time, Pi is the logical, became the eldest son, so between them, Cao Zhang is not qualified as heirs, unless, prior to the death of Cao Cao Cao Pi was dead, and that he still has a little when the emperor is possible. Second, Cao Zhang childhood do not like to learn, everything is simply rude barbarian, he would fight, Political Literary know nothing about, so he knew this time, not to mention, Cao Pi and Cao Zhi in the struggle, he was his father arranged outside the war Cao Cao, Cao Cao might think he would fight, no strategy, it is difficult to competent emperor, even if he won the country by force, he most likely will ruin the country within a short time, after all those insidious things, he is light to use force to deal with, but come.

▲ Cao Cao and Cao Chong

To understand, if you want to be a good emperor, it is not singlely relying on force, but also relying on a smart mind, there must be rich literary thoughts and political thinking, but These Cao Zhangdu didnt, so even if Cao Cao was very recognized, he couldnt help but put such a large Jiangshan to Cao Zhangs hands. Cao Zhang himself learned this. Therefore, when Cao Yu and Cao Zhi fight for the success of the heirs, he only learned the fight, invisible, Cao Zhang has already quits the struggle of this successor.

In their three brothers, these three people have their own strengths, but the ambitions are different. There are two people who want to be the emperor. One person only wants to be heroic and good. Great General. Many people think that Cao Keyi is in the film and television drama, in fact, if he is really interested in the throne, then he has already made a counter. In fact, about Cao Zhangges heavy soldiers, why dont you win the soldier after Cao Cao? It is still a crowded altar, but it is a little particularly obvious. Cao Zhang is indeed interesting to literary politics. There is no interest in the fight against those thrips. The facts also prove that Cao Zhang is a very courageous general. Since he follows his father, he helps his father hit a lot of enemies, but also makes many people are particularly afraid of him, for fear of a non-payment, become Cao Zhang The knife is the soul, after all, Cao Zhangs character is still very violent, once you cant make him, then the consequence is inexpensive.

▲ The Queen of the film and television drama

But I have to say that Cao Cao is still very sensible. If he doesnt listen to Sima Yis discouragement, then his own end is not very good, let alone He is still a very filial person, inevitably not let his father cant rest in Huangquan Road, even if it is necessary to complete the fathers wishes, Cao Zhang can not fight with Cao Yu. Therefore, in order to take care of the overall situation, Cao Zhang still listened to Sima Yis words, let the soldiers will go out, this, it is inevitable that many people praise him for this. Imagine that if Cao Zhen is fighting against the army, kill Cao Yu, then he as an emperor, then he faced the problem, it will be unbearable, even if he is a heroic war in the battlefield, But by the brain, he is more than those who play a trick behind, this is why Cao Cao does not identify him as one of the reasons of the heir.Compared with Cao Zhang, Cao Yu is gloomy, naturally there is enough ability to inherit the throne.